Ice Maker

Remember when freezers had ice makers that actually worked? I’m afraid I almost can’t remember that far back. It’s been 5+ years since we’ve had a trustworthy ice maker. We bought this fridge when we moved here. I don’t like it and the ice maker has contributed greatly to my dislike.

The first two years, the ice maker was replaced twice under warranty. Then, the repairman said “It’s only 3 screws holding it in .. you can do this yourself instead of paying $200 to have it done once the warranty is over.” Vince has now replaced it once and it went out again but now it seems to have it revived itself.

Because the freezer is on the bottom in a drawer, try putting ice trays with water in there! In the process of closing the drawer, either the trays tilt and spill or water just sloshes out. We ended up buying a small, dorm size type freezer and putting it in our master bedroom closet just to have ice when the ice maker goes out. That’s not right!

About a month ago, I told Vince the ice maker was barely making ice. The first thing he always does when it starts  is use the blow dryer and melt any ice that may be stuck up in there. That sometimes works. This time, it did nothing. He thought he had an extra ice maker here (thought he ordered two last time) but so far, hasn’t found it so last week, he ordered two more. They’re about $80 each . . my question is this: When do you give up and buy a new fridge? Vince’s answer: It’s just the ice maker! Everything else works. 

I’ve been having to dump ice trays, fill them, take them to the master bedroom closet freezer for at least three weeks now. We checked the tracking this morning on the ice makers and they will be delivered today. But . . I opened the freezer to get sausage for breakfast and look at this:

Ice Maker

Ice Maker

The ice maker has revived itself and it’s like an ice maker on steroids. It almost filled the whole container last night. What is up with that? 

You know what’s really funny? Remember when my dryer wasn’t working and we ordered parts and the same day the parts arrived, the dryer started working? We still have the box of parts sitting on shelf in the laundry room — never used them.

Weird things happening at this house!  🙂

The Knitting Queue

A little friendly competition causes me to do things I wouldn’t normally do, and yet I don’t consider myself a competitive person. At red lights, Vince always wants to be first. I never care if I’m first or last. Vince is always trying to figure out which checkout lines go the fastest at Walmart. He looks at what’s in people’s carts, he looks at the customer, he looks at the checker . . I usually just glance at a couple of lines, pick one and I’m done. He’ll sometimes move from line to line . . makes me crazy!

But let The Loopy Ewe or Eat, Sleep, Knit offer some program that’s the least bit competitive, and I cannot walk away. I said I wasn’t doing Loopy Academy but in the end, I caved! For the past four days, ESK has had some competition between the four teams. Today was my team’s day. I said I wasn’t going to order much . . FAIL!

When I order yarn, I immediately put the project in my Ravelry queue so I’m not looking at the yarn two years from now trying to figure out why I bought that yarn!

Ravelry Queue

Ravelry Queue

Every time I look at my queue, I am sadly reminded that I have more items in there than I’ll ever get done. Sure, there are some things that may have lost their appeal but I leave them in the queue because the yarn is listed so when I find a yarn in my stash that I want to use, I can cross reference with the queue and make sure I’m not using a  yarn that was set aside for another project. If it’s for a project I no longer *really* want to make, I’ll use the yarn and delete that project.

So, with 244 projects in my queue, if I never add another project (right!), and if I knit 12 items a year, I’ll have projects for 20 years. It’s possible but not likely I’ll ever get all 244 projects done. Thank goodness Nicole loves knitting and I hope Addie will be a knitter too . . if she can just put the fishing pole down long enough to learn to knit!  🙂