It’s now time to start my 12th and final Knit Along project . . Hitofude! Every single time I type that, I type Hitofudge . . maybe it’s time to make a batch of fudge!

This is a pattern I bought in 2013 and have been wanting to make. Over 4,000 knitters have made this pattern and everyone seems to love it and many times, they’ve made more than one. I’ve put off making it long enough! In early April, I made the swatch.

Hitofude Swatch

I think what scares me is that the construction is so different from anything I’ve made before. I’ve read through some extensive project notes, made some notes of my own and I believe I’m ready! This evening, I will start my Hitofude.

Beekeeper’s Tank Finished

If I had to guess what took away my quilting mojo, I’d guess that it was deadlines and doing projects from fabric I didn’t choose. While I was so happy to have my designs featured in magazines, most often lately, I was sent fabric to use and it rarely was fabric I would have chosen. I understand that the magazine editors want to choose fabrics that catch the attention of readers, while promoting new lines from fabric companies. One of the last quilts I did was International Harvester related – reds, browns, blacks . . definitely not something I would have chosen. The deadlines are always tight and I would end up sewing 12 – 15 hours per day to meet the deadline. Once fabric was sent to an old address and by the time we realized it, there was a real time crunch and I was sewing all day Christmas Eve and all day Christmas Day .. not that we had any family here but it wasn’t exactly what I would have chose to do those two days.

It got the best of me and I believe that’s part of what helped take away my quilting joy and I’m trying real hard to be sure that doesn’t happen with my knitting. Any time I start feeling like “I HAVE to be knitting” and I’m not thrilled with the project, I being to think about what would happen if I lost my knitting mojo.

I guess what I have to ask myself is this:  Is the end result worth the effort? Was sewing all day Christmas Eve and Christmas Day worth seeing my quilt in a magazine? Probably not but not meeting a deadline would put pressure on the magazine editor and staff and I would never have wanted to do that.

The question at hand with the knitting is this:  Is finishing all the Knit Alongs and earning all the Badges at ESK worth making projects I don’t want to make? There are basically three months left this year and now that we’ve seen the new badges, I know that I CAN earn them all . . but will I? Making 30 hexipuffs may be my downfall. I haven’t made any yet. If I make them and realize I can do them while watching TV with Vince or while traveling, maybe . . but I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t get them done.

The Beekeeper’s Tank, one of the Knit Alongs, was a real challenge for me. I don’t wear sleeveless and unless it’s so unbelievably fantastic, I don’t do fingering weight sweaters. Fingering weight makes my fingers hurt! I don’t mind making a few socks but a sweater is a whole lot of knitting.

I started Beekeeper’s Tank in May and any time something better came along, I put it down and made something else.  Even less than I like fingering weight sweaters and sleeveless . . I dislike not finishing knitting projects and the competitive side of me wants ALL the badges and ALL the knit along credits. 

There was 17″ of stockinette . . plus more! My plan was that this would be a “take in the car” project, or knitting while watching TV with Vince but even that proved to be tortuous.  It wasn’t hard . . there were just so many other projects I’d rather be working on.

Beekeeper's Tank

Beekeeper’s Tank

But . . I’m happy . . so very happy . . to be done with it and honestly, I think it’s something I’ll probably wear a lot . . with something over it. Isn’t the “smocking” at the top cute?

Beekeeper's Tank

Beekeeper’s Tank

This is how I see it being worn. I had the white shirt handy so I used it for the picture but I think a dark gray, almost black, shirt would be pretty with it, or maybe even a navy shirt.

On to the next project . . 


Design Wall – October 5, 2015

It was 12:24 a.m. when I began to write this post last night/early this morning. I glanced down at the corner of my computer screen to make sure I was putting the correct date . . since I never know the date any more. The first thing that caught my eye was 12:24 and briefly I thought “Christmas Eve! 12/24 . . Christmas Eve!” and it made me realize how close we are getting to Christmas and how much I wanted to have a new Christmas quilt this year and I think there’s a slim chance that’s going to happen!

Anyway, what’s on your design wall. You can guess what’s on mine . . nothing!