Design Wall – January 26, 2015

Yay! I did some sewing this week. While two blocks isn’t anything to get real excited about, I did get a bunch of block components put together so I should be able to put a few more blocks together this week pretty quickly. These will go together pretty easily now that I figured out to make the pinwheel section first and then build out from there instead of assembling them as four rows of four pieces.

Allison's Quilt

Allison’s Quilt

Chicken Mitttens Pattern is Ready

Remember when I was testing the chicken mittens pattern for a knitting friend? The pattern is now ready. You can get the pattern here (Ravelry). The pattern includes 6 sizes, from baby to medium adult and even if you want to make large or extra large adult, once you’ve made the pattern a time or two, I think you can improvise to make a larger size. Think Vince would like a pair?  :)

I’m really excited about these mittens! I know .. it doesn’t take much to excite me but I can see wearing these and getting lots of smiles . . even if they think I’m crazy. (No comments on that please!)

Chicken Mittens

Chicken Mittens

They are not hard to make and are so fun to wear! I made a pair for my friend’s granddaughter and a pair for Addie. I didn’t have the adult pattern til today so I can’t wait to make a pair for me.

If you have grandchildren or friends who love chickens, these are inexpensive to make and each mitten can easily be made in one day (probably both can be made in a day).

I’m wondering if the chickens will notice when I wear mine. Hey .. her hands look like us! No . . they won’t notice. Chickens don’t notice anything but these little mittens are so cute and everyone, except chickens, will notice how adorable they are.

Addie Cleaning

It’s amazing how much Addie takes after me . . she loves to clean!  (That’s a joke!) Nicole keeps her house immaculate so it’s safe to say Addie got her cleaning desire from her mom and not from her dad or her granny.

Here she is cleaning her grandpa’s shop.

Addie Cleaning

Addie Cleaning

It’s always funny to me when I’m video chatting with Addie and she’s in her room. She has too much stuff and it’s all put away. She knows exactly which drawer each piece is in and she can find it. For the most part, I think Addie does a great job of keeping her room neat. Nicole has her put things away but I’m sure Nicole does a lot of picking up in there too.

Last night she was video chatting with me and Vince was in the house. She calls him “my Grumps”. I’m thinking if we spend a week with her at Christmas this year, maybe Vince will want to move back to MO. That’s only 11 months that I have to keep my fingers crossed!  :)