What are your thoughts on tofu? I’m thinking some will not like it purely because of the texture. I like the extra firm – not the mushy, soggy ones. I like to brown it so that there’s kind of a ‘crust’ on it.  I’m thinking maybe some folks who say they don’t like it have never had it in a really good dish.

Last night, while on the Cultures for Health website to order a new kombucha scoby, I came across a kit for making homemade tofu. I had never thought of making my own! I had never thought of making my own and you know I have to try that at least once.

One funny thing . . I thought I remembered that soy is good for you so I googled “health benefits of soy”. Bon Appetit’ has this article on the news about soy through the ages. This is so typical of science, and more so . . media reporting. One day something is good for you and the next day, even in small amounts . . it will kill you. My guess is that some days the lobbyists for the soy are making more progress than the lobbyists against soy! We, the lowly consumers, will probably never know what’s good for us and what isn’t. 

It’s like eggs – I’ve given up on whether eggs are good for me or are going to put me in the grave before I’m finished with my knitting projects!  🙂  One day, they’re good for us and the next day, we should give them up and never eat another one. I remember my grandparents . . they ate eggs and bacon almost every day, along with ice cream every night. They lived to be in their 90’s. 

Back to tofu  .. I get so easily sidetracked. Now I want ice cream!

I’m sure I had eaten tofu in oriental restaurant dishes but had never been in love with tofu til back in 2010 when I made this recipe.

Asparagus & Tofu

Asparagus & Tofu

I blogged about it here. I still remember making it for the first time. Vince was out of town and I needed something for dinner. While looking at recipes, I came across this one and it sounded risky enough that I wanted to try it before serving it to Vince for dinner so I made it while he was gone. I couldn’t wait for him to get back so I could make it again and for over 5 years, it’s been a dish that we love and every time I serve it, we say . . why don’t we have this more often? I sometimes switch broccoli for the asparagus since broccoli is on sale fairly often and asparagus in the garden is only here for a short while.

Hazelnuts and tofu

Hazelnuts and tofu

A few years back, a blog reader sent me hazelnuts they had grown, and I made hazelnuts and tofu, which was delicious.

Another tofu recipe we really like is Tofu Tacos.

There are so many recipes that use tofu. I haven’t made many of them but I do plan to experiment once I get my kit and make some homemade tofu. I’m pretty excited about making it myself and am wondering what else I could be making instead of buying!

Rita’s Sweater

One of the ESK badges is to make something for our pet. I was thinking I’d make this for Speck, because I knew it was going to be a bit big on Rita, but then I figured with Speck’s little short legs, with their socket issues, and his tendency to bite first and ask questions later, I decided to make it for Rita. 

The pattern is 4 Cable Dog Sweater. It’s quite simple, easy to follow. I used about 165 yards of Cascade 220.

I went down a needle size for both needles and didn’t change anything else. The neck is a bit long but it turns back just fine.

Rita's Sweater

Rita’s Sweater

She’s such a sweetheart! She doesn’t mind trying on clothes and when I tell her to stay, she’ll be as still as a little church mouse. I love that little dog!

The Electric Bill

Some of you may think I’m whining incessantly about the charges from our line provider but I feel vindicated. 

Texas Monthly

Texas Monthly

A friend asked me recently if I had seen the article about our line provider in the current Texas Monthly. Even with that yummy burger on the front, I had not opened it but promptly found the article.

Electric Company

Electric Company

It’s an article about our line company and talks about how their rates are the highest in Texas and some of the highest in the nation. I’m hoping this article in one of Texas’ most popular magazines gets results in some scrutiny for this company. This company has only 55,000 customers and if every single customer called the PUC, the Governor, their representatives and anyone else who would listen, it just doesn’t seem to make a difference. 55,000 people in Texas . . a drop in the bucket and no one seems to listen or care. 

I’m thankful (1) that we could afford to put up solar panels and (2) we live in a small, energy efficient house. There are people, some of whom were mentioned in the article, who live in mobile homes with no shade and they are paying $600/month, even without using their electric heat for half the month last January with night temps in the teens. Sad!

Also, even had we known the rates here were outrageous, we would still have bought this place! The worst of all of it is that we live 4 miles from the dividing line where another company provides more reasonable rates. Too bad!

This got me to thinking how often there’s a cause and I can see a problem but it doesn’t affect me so I say nothing. Anyone not stuck with this electric company isn’t going to stick their neck out and complain to anyone so that leaves a handful of us to try to get the attention of someone who can and will work to make a change.

I see reasons why their rates are high. They have no commercial customers to bring in more revenue. Their areas are small, mostly rural with lots of area between customers. It seems someone at PUC (they are supposed to be the experts, right?) should have intervened with our company was buying up smaller companies and they should have realized customers were going to get squeezed pretty thin with the setup they’ve allowed.

Thank you, Texas Monthly, for reporting on this and hopefully you can get a fire going under someone, where our customer complaints haven’t done much.

Now . . I’m going to go figure out how far I am from one of those 50 Best Burgers in Texas!