On the Needles – July 1, 2016

I have nothing to show!  🙁

The Tour-de-Socks #3 was finished Wednesday. The second Camp Loopy project starts today and I haven’t started that. The Tour-de-Sock #4 comes out at 2 p.m. The other sock KAL started this morning and I haven’t started that either. And, I haven’t started the ESK KAL either. Lots of things to start (and hopefully finish this month!).

Surely you have something on your needles to share, right?

Knitting Goals – July, 2016

Since July 1 (today) is a Friday, the On the Needles post will be a bit later in the day today.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, here’s the first of my monthly knitting goals blog post. Please join me in listing your goals if you’d like.

Projects I hope to get done in July, 2016:

  1. Camp Loopy – Begin July 1 and finish by July 31. I will be making Go, Buffalo! using Cascade 220 Sport in pink and peach (for Addie).
  2. Tour-de-Sock #4 – Pattern comes out this aternoon at 2 p.m. (my time).
  3. Tour-de-Sock #5 – Pattern comes out July 11.
  4. Tour-de-Sock #6 – Pattern comes out July 21.
  5. Staring at Stars KAL at ESK – July 1 – September 30. I will use Numma, Numma Texas Toasty in Blue Corn Masa color.
  6. Mystery KAL in the Solid Socks group – July 1 – August 31.
  7. Solid Socks Group – Monthly solid color challenge. Hopefully I can double dip here and use a solid for one of the TdS socks or the July/August mystery and kill two birds with one stone (I’m not really killing any birds!)
  8. Stained Glass Cowl – Denise and I are going to do this on our blogs beginning September 1.

If you would like to join me in listing your projects (they can be new or UFOs), please be thinking about your blog post for July 1. No blog? Leave your list in the comments section on the July 1 post. You can always find it and others like it will be posted on the first of every month.

Everything Changes

If you’re a bit older, do you look back and see many changes that you thought you would never make? The biggest change, or at least the one that causes me to giggle the most, is my shopping habits. I used to love to shop. It used to aggravate me that the mall didn’t open til 10 a.m. on Saturday because I wanted to be there bright and early shopping. It was probably mostly clothes, shoes, makeup . . the things I never buy these days.

I just went out to my car to unpack from my trip to town and, thinking back to 20 or more years ago, the dog food is the only thing that you might would have found in my purchases.



There’s a new pool for Addie, 2 – 50 pound bags of chicken feed, a 10 pound bag of black beans, a 50 pound bag of pinto beans and a 15 pound bag of cat food. The only other thing I bought was Addie’s pink boots. Yep, my purchases are a whole lot different from what they were many years ago.

Everything changes. Twenty years from now, if I’m still around, I doubt I’ll be buying any of the things I bought today.