Yarn for Projects

For those who asked about the yarn I’m using on two recent projects, you know I’m a BIG Madelinetosh fan. I’ve loved their yarns for years and years and Ann Marie, one of the Madelinetosh girls . . maybe the owner .. her grandparents (I think that’s who she said) live in Brownwood. How cool is that?

Beekeeper’s Tank – Madelinetosh Twist Light – Color:  Fir Wreath

Hitofude – Also Madelinetosh Twist Light – Color:  Moorland





Insurance is one of those things that we just never think about . . we have to have it so we pay it and don’t look back. We’ve had the same insurance company for our cars and house for at least 10 years. We were living in Kentucky and Vince found out that one of his colleges offered a discount through this company and at that time, it was quite a bit less than we were paying so we switched.

Yesterday we got the bills for our cars, house and umbrella policies . . all coming due the first part of November. You know we drive old vehicles – the pickup is 19 years old, the Honda is 14 years old and the Toyota is 8 years old. Neither of us have had an accident that was our fault or have tickets on our records for at least 20 years. We have only liability coverage on all the vehicles. We live in the smallest, least expensive house we’ve had in years.  I looked at those bills and got sticker shock! Almost $5,000. 

I got to thinking . .when we retire . . by the time we pay $5,000 for car/home insurance and pay property taxes, that’s almost $800 per month. Then we’ll be paying for health insurance too and knows what that will cost in a few years. How do people survive these days?

I called a couple of reputable companies this morning and State Farm can give us better coverage for about $1,200 less per year. The agent I happened to call had the insurance on this place before we bought it and still had all the pictures so he doesn’t have to come out and take pictures.

With every company, folks have probably had bad experiences so I’m sure there are people who don’t like State Farm but when we (not Vince and I) had house fire #2, we had State Farm insurance and they could not have been better. The agent was there at daylight with coffee and donuts. Hey .. bring me donuts and you’re my friend forever! We were living in Jasper, TX and when we had the fire, I never went back. I told the claims folks and the guys doing the repair work . . I’m never going back . . you pick the colors, the carpet, the flooring . . everything! And, I guess they did because I really never went back. The house got put back together and sold. 

Vince wants to go sit down and visit with the agent. Vince is concerned about the solar panel coverage though I think we’re better off with the coverage for them with State Farm than with what we have now . . if what the guy told me is true.

We have til the end of the month before our premiums are due so Vince has time to go talk to him and then, if all goes well, we’ll be back to being insured by State Farm.

Pink Peanut Patties

They’re basically sugar and peanuts .. with a little red dye thrown in because they’re known as “Pink” Peanut Patties!

Pink Peanut Patties

Pink Peanut Patties

Can you buy these where you live? I think they’re more of a southern “thang” . . maybe just Louisiana and Texas. I can say with certainty that they are hard, if not impossible, to find in Kentucky and Missouri. When I would go to Louisiana from Kentucky and Missouri, I knew exactly where the first stops were that had these. In Texas, it was a little gas station in Paris, Texas. I forgot where they were when I was headed to Louisiana from Kentucky.

There’s no way I can stretch my imagination to find anything healthy in these things but they’re so good and I’ve done a great job of limiting how many of them I buy. When we rented at the lake . . 4 years ago . . the little grocery store just outside the entrance to our subdivision had them.

The new United store has them right in plain sight and today was the first time I succumbed to their sweet little calls “take me home!”.

Pink Peanut Patties

Pink Peanut Patties

Once again, United amazes me with their pricing. The label clearly says “5” and if you count . . there are 6 in the bag. And, if you see . . it also says “net wt. 10 oz.” Really?

Pink Peanut Patty

Pink Peanut Patty

I knew it felt like more than 10 oz. so I weighed them . . with only 5 in the bag. I didn’t tare for the bag but I know that bag does not weigh 3 oz. Funny!

I’m glad to see that I need to eat the 5 remaining patties before October 16 . . that means I can have one every other day and it will work out just about right. 

Bad Judy!  :)