Design Wall – February 8, 2016

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Kindle Sale

It seems as though Amazon is having a sale through February 13 on most (maybe all) Kindle products. We all have our favorites. My favorite is the Paper White. The battery will last “for weeks” according to Amazon. I read for about an hour a night (unless my sister has some hysterical shenanigans going on over at Facebook) and my Paper White rarely needs charging. I charge it when I know I’m going to be reading it for several hours – traveling, waiting for appointments, etc. Otherwise I probably plug it in about once a month. I love that it has built-in adjustable lighting so there’s no need to keep a table lamp on while reading. It looks like the Paper Whites are $20 off this week.

My least favorite is the Fire. I think it’s because my main purpose of having a Kindle is for reading – not playing games, not surfing the internet, not emailing – just reading. According to Amazon, the Fire battery will last up to 7 hours, and for me, that means about 5-1/2 hours.

My current favorite table is the Samsung Galaxy TabS, but it’s comparable in price to an iPad. With the Fire, with special offers (ads) on sale for $39, I don’t mind using it for taking to and from the grocery store for my grocery list, or having in my knitting bag for when I want to read or play a game of solitaire. I’d rather have it on the kitchen counter following along with a recipe instead of my iPad or Samsung tablets. I’m not saying $39 is pocket change but it’s a heck of lot different than $200 or even $450. For $39, I highly recommend the Fire for anyone who uses a tablet in a similar way to how I use one.

So, if you’re in the market for an inexpensive little tablet/reader, check out the Fire and other tablets on sale at Amazon this week.

Cilantro Poll

Maybe it’s a slow blog day but here’s a somewhat useless little poll for you and I would appreciate your response!

How do you feel about cilatro

I love it! Absolutely love it!
It’s ok . . not something I dream about but it doesn’t bother me.
A little bit goes a long way.
Do not like it at all . . don’t want any of it in my food.

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Here’s why I’m asking. I love it! I could put it in my Dr. Pepper and I would think it’s delicious. On my scrambled eggs . . yum! On the other hand, Vince doesn’t like it at all! He would be happy if they left it out of salsa.



Cilantro almost grows wild in my garden. It’s a rare occasion that I go out to the garden to pick a bunch of cilantro that I don’t munch on a few gritty leaves while walking back to the house. I don’t even think about it . . I just love it.

My first inclination is to put a little cilantro in everything. I’ve had to learn that Vince can taste cilantro, no matter how little I put in a dish, and no matter how long I cook it .. he just cannot get past the taste. I’m kinda the same with oregano and he loves that. He cannot understand how anyone wouldn’t love oregano and I can’t understand how anyone doesn’t love cilantro. Maybe that should be a question all young lovers should ask each other before saying “I do!”  Do you like cilantro? Can you eat cilantro in every dish I cook . . til death do us part?



Nowadays, instead of adding cilantro to our meals, it’s served in a little bowl and I can add as much as I want and Vince can add as little as he wants . . which usually is zero!

I guess in the end, it really doesn’t matter what we like or dislike, so long as we can have what we like and avoid what we dislike but still . . how can anyone not love cilantro?  😉