Cat Conversation

Here’s sure fire proof that my husband is not listening to a word I’m saying while he’s shopping online and I’m discussing something as important as the sex of our new cat.

Me:  Do you know that only 1 out of 3,000 tortoise shell cats is a male?
Vince: So, what do you think ours is?
Me:  A female!
Vince:  Why do you say that?
Me:  Statistically . . it almost has to be a female. It has something to do with the X and Y chromosomes and it’s almost impossible for a tortoise shell to be a male.
Vince: I think it could be a male.
Me:  Could be . . I don’t think  you’re listening to a word I’m saying!
Vince: You said the cat might be a girl!
Me:  What are the chances of it being a boy?
Vince: Who knows! 

This could be a good time to ask him if he has a problem with me spending $500 on a yarn order!  :)  Somehow, I think when dollars are involved, he pays a little closer attention.

All But One Sleeve Done

For some reason, I thought that I had finished the ribbing around the collar and front before I put this sweater away. I knew one sleeve was done but when I got it out to start working on it, I had only done 3″ of ribbing. The pattern called for 4-1/2 or 4-3/4″ (can’t remember already!). There were 414 stitches on the needles and this is sport weight yarn so finishing all that ribbing took forever! I think I could have gotten by with less inches but it’s so pretty . . I don’t mind the extra time it took and it fits great. Blocking will help those cables show up and a better picture in the daylight will help too!



Now there’s just one sleeve left to do and I’m hoping . . surely by Wednesday . . I can have this one finished.



Last night when I finished the ribbing, I was too tired to start the second sleeve so I went ahead and wove in all the ends so at least that much is done.

Vince was telling me how pretty it was last night and I said “Don’t you want to move somewhere that’s colder so I can wear it more?” He said . . NO!   :(

Kinda Quiet

Old Speck is at the vet today having his teeth cleaned and it’s quiet and weird around here without him. Since he can’t hear, he apparently never knows we’re about to step on him and he stops right in front of us so even without him around, I keep watching out for him and trying to make sure he isn’t going to get stepped on.

Rita loves to sneak around and bark at him when she thinks she’s surprising him but since he never hears her barking . . it doesn’t bother Speck at all. So, Rita’s been kinda on the lookout for Speck all morning.

I’ll go pick him up this afternoon and he’ll be groggy and grumpy . . pretty much like he is all the time!  :)



He is so in love with his new bed. I am glad we got it for him. When he gets tired during the day, he’ll go sit by the bedroom door so I can open the door and let him in. I’ve seen Rita in the bed once but thankfully, Speck didn’t see her in it! He’s not much into sharing anyway and I don’t think he’d consider sharing his bed at all!