Yarn Report – Week 10, 2015

No yarn added this week and nothing to report as used but I’m so close on two sweaters that I could have 15 or 20 skeins to report as used next week. Stay tuned! I’m feeling good about this.  :)

Used this week: 0 skeins
Used since 1/1/2015: 29 skeins
Added this week: 0 skeins
Added since 1/1/21015: 133 skeins
Net Used since 1/1/2015: 104 skeins  (red means I’ve added more than I’ve used).

Emails That Make ME Smile

There was a time when emails from fabric shops appeared in my inbox and those caused me to stop everything and see what was new and decide how much of each fabric I needed to order. As time progressed and I realized I had more fabric than I would ever use, and I didn’t need any more fabric, and that quilting no longer made my heart sing . . it became the emails from the yarn shops that made my heart go pitter patter. For the most part, I only order from a couple of yarn shops . . thank goodness because I can surely do a lot of damage with those two shops. But I love getting emails and tweets from The Loopy Ewe and Eat, Sleep, Knit.

Blue Bell

Blue Bell

I suppose it’s sad to admit that my most favorite emails these days come from Blue Bell. They send out emails and make sure I know what’s the flavor of the month and there’s a list of the rotational flavors.  I know I’m in the minority, probably more of an anomaly, but I don’t like chocolate (for the most part) and look at all those rotational flavors. Almost all of them have chocolate. I do want to try Sea Salt Caramel and we already had Southern Peach Cobbler. Marbled Cream Cheese Brownie is pretty darned good too and I do love brownies. Italian Cream Cake was one of our favorite flavors last year. I suppose we should try it again before it’s gone.

Earlier this week when I was in Kroger, I had a chat with the Blue Bell delivery man. He told me he had been with Blue Bell for . . I think he said 25 years. He reminded me of my dad .. he had stories to tell and everything he told me was so interesting. He told me that when he first began working for Blue Bell, they didn’t deliver any farther north than Brownwood and people from Abilene would drive down to Brownwood with ice chests and load up on Blue Bell and try to get it home.

Vince and I haven’t been to the Blue Bell creamery in Brenham in probably 20 years and the man was telling me how much it has expanded through the years. Vince and I need to make a road trip there some day.

Now that my Blue Bell email for March has arrived, I’ll just sit here and twiddle my thumbs and wait for the April email.  :)

On the Needles – March 6, 2015

I’ve planned to knit every day this week and as so often happens, other things happen . . bread making, visiting with a friend, soup making .. there are so many fun things to do that I never care when my plans get changed a bit.

You’ve already seen Pixelated Pullover with one sleeves and that’s still how it sits. I never touched it this week.

Pixelated Pullover

Pixelated Pullover

I did make a little progress on Taiga. I’m very happy to be done with the color work. I think plain Jane knitting suits me better.



This has pockets on the front and right now, it looks really weird til I get the pocket linings finished so this is the best shot I could get of it. Until it’s blocked, the colorwork is kinda sloppy but I can see so much improvement over the first colorwork I did on the Pixelated Pullover. Hopefully I’ll get enough knitting time to get this one finished over the weekend and early next week get Pixelated done.