The Pain or the Meds?

No whining allowed on the blog is one of my big rules . . that I’m about to break. I think I posted a month or so ago about having a flare up with sciatica. Went to the doctor, got meds, shots, steriods .. and thought I was cured til I worked in the garden this past weekend. Bending, stooping, planting everything left to be planted and here it is back again . . sciatica and worse this time. It hurts to sit, it hurts to stand . . it doesn’t hurt to sleep. The meds make me so sleepy. I get up in the mornings feeling about 75% ok, probably do too much, and by afternoon, I am back in bed thinking I’m going to die. 

I had planned to sit in my chair and knit all day yesterday and then the buttermilk was ready so I had to make a pie and do a few more things in the kitchen and by the time Vince left to go back to work after lunch, I was back in bed.

I’m doing some gentle stretching exercises recommended by the doctor but I am a terrible patient. I just want to feel better. It’s hard to do anything when every step I take, or even standing not taking steps, and now, just sitting  . . it all hurts.

Today, I will be sitting in my chair knitting, or in the bed sleeping. I’m definitely doing nothing for the next four days and hoping by Monday, I’m back to normal.

Vince’s Wine Deal

Do you wonder what we did before Aldi came to town? Yea, me too . . I know we ate and I know we shopped til we dropped but nothing beats the Aldi experience for us.

Vince knows (and expects) that I will give him a hard time about his purchases so I think he has figured out a way to always need ONE thing that requires him to go to Aldi and once he gets his foot in the door . . I don’t have to tell you what happens next.

I really don’t care how much money he spends. It isn’t about the money . . it’s about where do you put all this stuff? I have my yarn all in tubs and labeled and I have a spreadsheet. I can find it by weight, by project, by color . . I can find it most of the time! He will come home with . . let’s say a bag of almonds. He leaves everything on the table. He will say “Don’t move those! I’m going to snack on them. I’ll take some to work.” They sit on the table for a couple of days. I remind him to put them somewhere. Finally, I move them. I should put them in the “nut”drawer but sometimes I might put them in the snack drawer or I might open a cabinet . . any cabinet . . see an empty spot, and there go the almonds. Then Vince can’t find the almonds! So, I say .. buy anything you want to buy but you put it wherever you can find it . . not on the table, not on the countertop. It’s an ongoing battle.

So . . over the weekend we were at Aldi and he bought a bottle of wine, which is another ongoing problem. He used to work for a wine company and we still have hundreds (really!) of bottles of wine. And he still buys more wine and we hardly ever drink wine. I wish I liked it but I don’t. The other day I was in his closet putting something up and the closet is full of wine. I had never noticed that before.

Yesterday I forgot what it was but he needed one thing from Aldi. He came home with two cases (YES! TWO CASES) of wine.



He bought a bottle of this wine over the weekend and he liked it.  While at Aldi yesterday, he saw it was marked down and he had a coupon for $10 off when  you spend $50 so he ended up getting this wine for about $1.90 per bottle. How crazy is that. He looked on line and it sells anywhere from $13 to $19 per bottle.

I understand . . it was a great deal but just like my yarn, he isn’t going to live long enough to drink the wine he has here. When he retires, and we have no money to spend, I guess Vince can sit around and drink wine and I’ll sit and knit.

First Madelinetosh Yarn

There are a couple of yarns that I just love . . and some I love for different reasons. Madelinetosh has been a favorite for many years. I love their colors. I love the twist on several of their yarns. Wollmeise has also been a favorite. Again, it’s the color and the twist that I love on those two yarns.

On Ravelry, the question in a Madelinetosh forum was asked today about your first Madelinetosh yarn. I knew right off what it was for me.

In late 2010, I ordered Madelinetosh Vintage in Scarlet to make the Hollygrove Scarf

Hollygrove Scarf

Hollygrove Scarf

That was back in the days when I ordered  yarn and used it immediately. That was also my first cable project. What a monster of a cable project for the first time. There were cables all over that scarf but I loved it so much that I bought more yarn and made one for a friend.

Two Hollygrove Scarves

I have been a fan of Madelinetosh yarns at least since 2011. One of the Madelinetosh girls . . her grandmother lives in Brownwood. That isn’t so unusual because the Madelinetosh works is located in Fort Worth, just a couple of hours from here.

Madelinetosh Vintage was $18/skein back then and now it’s $23/skein. That yarn stash is like money in the bank! That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!