Little Joys in Life

Home is where the heart is, right? Not really! Home for me will always be Louisiana where my family and friends are. Almost as much as I miss my family and friends, I miss crawfish and ginger lilies!

We’ve been in Kentucky for eight years and, without fail, sometime in late summer I have this conversation with my mother (who knows how much I love ginger lilies!)

Mom: You should see my ginger lilies. They are all blooming. Blooms everywhere!
Me: Good! What have you been doing?
Mom: They smell so good! I love walking outside in the morning and smelling those flowers!
Me: Good. How’s dad?
Mom: I have so many more blooms than I had last year.
Me: Good! How’s Kristy and the girls?
Mom: Remind me to send you some ginger lilies and you can see if they grow there.

NEVER happened! So, when we were home last spring, I grabbed about five bulbs, brought them home and planted them in pots. I will bring them in when it gets too cold and I will have ginger lilies forever!

In Louisiana, they’ve been blooming for several months now but my first bloom opened this morning and it smells SOOO good!! I wish I could offer a “scratch & sniff” button here but . . you’ll just have to trust me.