Let it Snow . . and Snow . . and Snow!

Vince and I took a little road trip. Bad timing! We’re just a bit south of Kansas City, just a bit north of Joplin and last night, we had a good bit of ice so walking around this morning was difficult. The doors on the car were all frozen shut. But . . it started snowing about noon and last I heard, we are expected to get 18″ – 24″ tonight. The windchill is near zero.

I’m sure glad Vince is doing dog duty tonight. Speck is real quick about going out for his walks! We had planned to leave Saturday to drive home but we may have to stay an extra day or two as we are not having much luck getting things done here that need to be done.

But . . it is beautiful!!!

Judy L.


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    Ann says

    Judy, we are a little east of where you are tonight and we are STILL getting ice. I keep waiting for the ice to stop and the snow to start. Enough is enough. Both of my guys are stuck in the towns where they work..dh staying with his mom and ds staying in a room in the hotel where he works..Just glad they had back up plans and didn’t have to try to drive 20 and 30 miles home in this stuff.

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    Heart's Journey says

    We had our first snowflakes of the year over here in Salem, Oregon! I was busy quilting with my little group downtown and it was so fun to see big old flakes coming down. Not so much fun worrying about the other guy driving home behind me, however! I grew up in Alaska but was born in New Iberia, La. My mom is 100% Cajun French….St. Martinville was home. I lived in New Orleans til I was 4 then moved up to my dad’s hometown…an island in S.E. Alaska. He is 100% Finnish. I like to say that my blood runs both hot and cold, north and south! As long as it runs instead of freezing, I am a happy quilter! 🙂

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    Carol says

    Oh my goodness…I’m thinking as crazy as this weather is getting that I may be posting about snow here in Florida. Last week we were in the very low 40’s and this week we are in the 80’s. Judy you all be safe getting home. Take care. Carol

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    Vicky says

    Judy, I’m envious of your snow! It was 84 here yesterday at noon.

    Heart’s Journey, how great to know someone else from the South! I was just down there visiting a couple of months ago.

    Laughed at Speck making short order of business in the snow. Daisy wouldn’t even venture out in it!

    Safe travels home.