Happy Birthday, Chad

Tomorrow is Chad’s birthday. I should know better than to ask him what kind of cake he wants. At first, he said he wanted a Red Velvet Cake. Great! I can make that and I even like it, even though I don’t like chocolate. I suppose he began to think about having to share his cake and he called me and said Mom, I’ve found a cake recipe at Gourmet.com that I want instead.

Oh, yes, it’s Devil’s Food with Chocolate Orange Buttercream Icing. Think he would notice if I used a cake mix and icing out of a can?

Nope, I’ll do as instructed and make the cake from scratch. Chad has a final tomorrow at 11:00 and then he works til 9 so we’ll celebrate his birthday either Thursday or Saturday . . he hasn’t decided yet when he’ll have a few minutes to spend with us.

Judy L.


  1. 1

    Patti says

    Looks marvelous! I’m drooling all over my keyboard!

    I’d love to have a really good recipe for a red velvet cake if you have one you could share. With a special rich chocolate frosting to go on it. I wouldn’t ask except that I know you are as good a cook as you are a quilter so I figure you probably have an incredibly wonderful recipe.

  2. 3

    Tazzie says

    Hey there Judy, I was going to say that your son Chad and my Amy share the same birthday, but then I remembered I’m a day ahead of you as I read … but we’re celebrating at the same time! Happy Birthday to Chad for the 12th … and to Amy for the 13th! Good on you for making the yummy cake … let us know how it goes!

  3. 7

    Carol says

    What a lucky boy! I’ve drooled all over my keyboard. I second Patti’s request…will you share your Red Velvet recipe. I love it and don’t have a good recipe.