Do Kids Really Grow Up?

Chad is so accident prone because he never thinks . . never!! Did I ever share about the time he went skiing with the church group? He was in middle school and the youth group from our church was going to Paoli, about 2 hours from here, to ski. Chad had never been snow skiing and he was so excited about going. A friend was going along too so I had them at church at something like 5:30 a.m. On the way, I specifically remember saying Chad, please be careful. This is the first time I’ve ever let you go anywhere without me and you could really get hurt if you don’t listen and be careful. Yes ma’am!

They were going to ski til 3, then leave and get pizza and be home around 6:30. I was anxiously watching the clock. At about 3:05, I figured I was safe. No one had called to tell me Chad was hurt or missing. The phone rang at 3:15. It was the hospital from Paoli and Chad was hurt. To make a long story short, he was doing some kind of jump off an expert slope (first time skiing remember) and he fell and hurt his back.

There were lots of other instances but last night . . I was tired. I had gone to the quilt shop yesterday to meet a friend for lunch and then bought some groceries and then showed the house to a potential buyer and about 10:00 Chad comes out of his room and said come to my bathroom! I went in there and he was bleeding profusely. He had cut his finger . . all the way through his fingernail. He was playing with a knife. He wouldn’t tell me what he was doing exactly but obviously not something he should have been doing since there was no need to have a knife in his bedroom. We decided he needed stitches so I told him to get his checkbook. Our co-pay for ER visits is $50. He’s 19 and I don’t mind paying if he’s sick or had an unavoidable type accident but . . playing with a knife in your bedroom . . that’s his expense, not mine. He thought about the $50 for a few minutes and then decided he might just visit the nurse next door and see what she thought. She didn’t think he needed stitches but recommended a tetanus shot. I came home and checked and he got a tetanus shot not even 5 years ago when he had to get a fishing lure cut out of his hand.

I wonder why I have gray hair!

Judy L.


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    Susan says

    As a wife, and mom to two boys – almost 30, and just 38 – I can safely say the answer to your question is . . . no, they don’t. Not if they are male, anyway. =) Why do you think hair dye was invented?

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    Evelyn aka Starfishy says

    Oooh, ouch! Last month I had tetnus, flu and Hep A shots, but I think maybe it is a girl thing to think AHEAD, a guy thing to think – maybe I should go get a tetnus shot AFTER something happens that might merit one! At least in my family – I am the youngest of 7 (5 girls and 2 boys). Yup, I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out before they bothered me too – one of my brothers – he waited until 1 moved and was on the nerve and then he was in amazing pain and it was an emergency!



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    Carol says

    Oh Judy…your Chad stories bring back such memories…I has something to do with the boy gene.And to answer your question, I think mine may be finally growing up…29 and just had his first child…he seems much more grown up to me now.

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    Gail says

    Judy, I have 3 boys, the youngest is 24 now, but I am still holding on by my fingertips! Its that darn y chromosome, it’ll do it every time!I’ve had the doctor offer to put up a cot for me in the office-since I was there so often, why bother leaving at all?

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    Mama Koch says

    All I can say is “Miss CLairol” is my hero.
    Just take a deep breath and realize that you still have can kill him later.

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    Mary says

    I made Adam pay co-pays last year when he put off going to both the Dentist and had an ingrown toe nail that he didn’t do anything about for WAY too long. I don’t know – maybe *thinking* is expecting too much from them.

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    quiltpixie says

    hang in there. I too was one of those “not thinking” accident prone kids — until I moved from home and found out I had to cope regardless…. it was a fast cure. 🙂