Another Quilt Story to Share

This story still brings tears to my eyes. Chaplain Lewis tells it best on his blog entry. Due to some military restrictions, he wasn’t able to update his blog for a while but he continued to write and is just now beginning to post again.

It happened just the way he describes. We had “adopted” a soldier from Ft. Lewis, one of the “Strykers”. Just a few days before Christmas, 2004, as I recall, there was a massive attack and many of the Strykers were involved. I often listen to Hugh Hewitt and read his blog and as Chaplain Lewis explains, that’s where I came across his blog . . you know how one link leads to another. Chaplain Lewis’ Mascal blog entry received a lot of attention and while I didn’t love reading about the incident, I loved reading Chaplain Lewis’ writings. I went back and read all of his blog entries. One of the things that he wrote (I can’t remember when he wrote it and I’ll probably get the details wrong but .. I remember the main part of it!) that initially caught my attention was something about when their group came home once. They got home in the middle of the night and the other wives had left vehicles in the parking lot for the soldiers to get home. Chaplain Lewis’ wife was there . . dressed, with makeup on, waiting for her husband. That really hit home for me. I wondered what I would have done. I hope I would have been there waiting but . . knowing me, I would have left the car in the parking lot. There were several incidents that I read about his wife and what a fantastic mom and wife she is and about the only way I know to thank and honor someone is to make them a quilt so that’s what I did.

I’d like to remind everyone reading this . . no matter what you feel about the war, the President, or politics, please support our troops and their families. A card can do wonders! A package can make a tremendous difference. Dropping off McDonald’s (or Hardees or Starbucks) gift certificates to families of our troops can make a huge difference. Just let someone know you care!! It was easy to adopt soldiers and families when the War on Terror first began but now that it’s been dragging on and the political climate has changed, please, please make an effort to support our Troops!

Judy L.


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    Screen Door says

    Great post… Sometimes it’s easy to sit back and enjoy our Christmas’– with gifts and trees and trimmings. We need to take time to realize others are taking care of us and may not have the luxuries we do…

  2. 2

    Libby says

    I have been that wife — waiting in the parking lot at 2 or 3 in the morning; make-up, curled hair, new outfit and once a 4 month old daughter meeting her dad for the very first time.
    Thanks for reminding us all that the military is out there and appreciates every little thing we do for them

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    Evelyn aka Starfishy says

    You did a great thing Judy – her smile and his thanks are heartwarming!



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    Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum says

    Thanks for that, also good luck with the shift. I’ve just caught up and can see that at least the quilts are organized. Loved the teacher’s quilt. How lucky! Happy Christmas, Tracey

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    Hanne says

    Lovely quilt.
    You sure made a difference for someone.
    I learned once that one can not help all but all can help one, and that is the philosophy I use when I sew my care quilts.

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    Heart's Journey says

    This was a great post, Judy. As a ‘Community Quilter’ here in Oregon, one of our projects it to make red/white/blue patriotic themed quilts for wounded soldiers. When I hear the stories or read the articles, my heart just breaks. Grown men who have never cried over the deaths or injuries to their friends and comrades will break down when they return to base and are handed a quilt. It just makes you realize the power of love channeled through the heart and into simple scraps of fabric that can make a difference in someone’s life just by their suddenly seeing that a stranger truly cares about them. We all need reminders like yours. Thank you!

  7. 10

    Mama Koch says

    You’re a sweetheart for sharing your talents so much. The quilt is beautiful and I bet will be treasured for an eternity.