Chad’s Sculptures Made the News

Every day (almost every hour) we are here in MO, I love this place more. I’m just a small town kinda person and I think I’ve definitely found my niche. This has to be the only place in the whole U. S. where the driver’s license people are friendly. Can you tell I was impressed? This is the second day I’ve mentioned it.

But, what’s more impressive . . I sent a picture of Chad’s ice sculpture to the local newspaper a day or so ago. Tonight I happened to be looking at the paper online because they haven’t started delivering our newspaper yet and look what’s in the paper — Chad’s ice sculpture.

That darned newspaper in Owensboro – they wouldn’t even print a blurb when my quilt won Best of Category at the AQS Expo in Nashville and most of the time they would print when my quilts were accepted in the AQS show in Paducah, even though AQS always sends out a press release to the local newspaper. I love Missouri!

Judy L.


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    Melzie says

    First a belated welcome to MY state of MO 🙂 Although I think you were probably location wise closer to me in owensborough LOL. Secondly there is another shipping company that has yellow trucks called DHL that I see around here in MO a lot. Just a thought for you to check into. I am so glad you are enjoying your small town 🙂 But I am sure not the ice your area has been slammed with, my BIL (Nat’l Guard) has been deployed yesterday to help deal with it but my sister doesnt know specifically what area. xoxo melzie

  2. 2

    cher says

    that is totally awesome to have that sort of warm feeling and I can imagine how thrilled Chad was!

  3. 3

    Carol says

    That is really wonderful…a warm midwest welcome. Every time I’ve been to the midwest I’ve loved it. People are very genuine and will go out of their way for you. Very nice for Chad to be recognized.

  4. 6

    Darcie says

    Missouri is going to love you too, Judy!

    Congrats to Chad for hitting the papers. Perhaps he’s got a future in graphic design?

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    Anonymous says

    Congratulations to Chad on getting in the newspaper! A lot of times newspapers in small towns and in Owensboro print Associated Press pictures of people in other states. We lived in PA in a small town. We got a new post office and my 2(now 13) year old daughter and I were the first ones to use the post office. A photographer from the newspaper was there and asked me if it was okay to shoot our picture getting our mail. It made the front page the next day. The entire community was so excited that they printed a picture of someone local that I got laminated pictures from banks, churches, and other businesses. We were like celebrity’s there for a while. Everyone recognized us!

    It’s weird to think you aren’t in Owensboro anymore, but I do wish you well in MO and I’m glad you’re happy.

    Amanda H.

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    Samantha says

    How wonderful for Chad- and you. This must mean they’ll publish your quilting news too?

  7. 13

    Sweet P says

    How cool for Chad’s ice sculpture to be recognized in the paper. There’s a lot to be said for Midwest “nice” people.

  8. 14

    KCQuilter says

    Wow, what to go!!! Love the ice sculpture. And so glad you are loving Missouri. I happen to think it is the BEST place to live–but then, I could be prejudiced!!!

  9. 16

    the wandering quilter says

    Judy I’m so glad you are liking my wonderful home state! We try and stay in the midwest whenever possible, and while we find other places we find beautiful and wonderful, nothing ever compares to the friendly people of Missouri.

    Life moves at a different pace there, which can be a very good thing!

  10. 17

    Shelina says

    I’m so glad you are happy there. Living in a small town does get you more fame, doesn’t it? We lived in a small town when we first moved to the states, and we were in the paper too. My brother was in the paper for sledriding! (They misidentified the picture so his name doesn’t appear beneath the pic)
    Our BMV is very friendly too, even though I live in a big city now.

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    Bingo~Bonnie says

    Hey I hadn’t checked your other page I bookmarked in a while…. while… but I was just ther eand did see a snowman 😉

    I’m not a member there so it wouldnt’ let me leave a comment. But i knew where else I could find you 😉 ~Bonnie