Green Cat Quilt

We have a joke in our family about my dad and a green cat. This is Joni Pike’s pattern, Catnip. Her patterns are so neat and can be ordered through Starwood Pattern Company. (Scroll down to “Sew Special Designs to see all of Joni’s designs.)

I gave this quilt to dad when we were there a couple of weeks ago and almost forgot to take a picture. This was taken as Chad and I were walking out the door to leave so if dad isn’t smiling, I don’t think it’s because he didn’t like the quilt but because he’s sad that we’re leaving. Or, he could be sad because he’s worried about his electric bill because we had a battle of the thermostat when I was there. He’d turn it up, I’d turn it down . . for a week!

One paw only has three buttons because I left the extra one at home and I need to send it to mom to fix as soon as I find it. So, no one needs to write me and tell me that one paw is missing a button! 🙁

Joni would probably have a stroke if she sees what I’ve done to her beautiful red and black quilt!

Judy L.


  1. 2

    Bonnie says

    Your Catnip quilt is adorable. The pattern is in my stash waiting for “some day”. I am glad to see it done is different colors. The original black/red/white is cute, but your colorful version is even better!

  2. 3

    May Britt says

    This cat quilt is so cute. I adore cats, but have never seen green ones before LOL.

  3. 5

    Vicki W says

    Really cute quilt! I saw those quilts on Simply Quilts once and thought it was a great pattern concept.

  4. 8

    The Calico Cat says

    I just got that pattern, I am so glad to see it done in a different color way. (give me a few more ideas…)