Parenting – The Good Part

I could write a book on Parenting – How NOT to do it! I suppose the one thing I will never forget in all my remaining years is the night Chad decided to leave and I said GO! But, first, give me that cell phone that I’m paying for. I will always believe that if he had taken the cell phone, he would not be home today but with few options, and having spent the night in his car in the Wal-Mart parking lot, home didn’t look nearly so bad.

Anyway, he loves his summer job. He has to be there at 7 so he gets up really early, fixes his own breakfast, packs his lunch (which I’ve usually pretty much packed the night before) and off he goes. He comes home every afternoon so excited with stories of what he’s done. Yesterday he was able to work some overtime – that’s time and a half! He thinks he’s in high cotton with what he’s making and he really is. His regular pay is almost twice what he was making at Kroger in Owensboro.

He asked yesterday if there was a chance he would work there on weekends or a few hours at night when he goes back to school and the supervisor told him he thought that might work out great! The supervisor told Chad that any time he gets a great summer temp, he does his best to keep them on a part-time basis if possible. Vince said that almost every day someone tells him how good Chad is doing.

Vince told me that the first day, there were about 20 temps and they were having orientation. Vince was watching as they were going to lunch and he said Chad kinda scurried ahead of the whole bunch. Vince thought Oh, great! Watch him hurry to get to the front of the line to eat! But, Chad hurried to the front of the line to hold the door open for everyone and then he was the last one to eat. Isn’t that sweet?

That’s so good to hear and makes me so proud of him. So, parents . . hang in there. Your kids may surprise you one day!

Judy L.


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    Shelina says

    Oh that is so sweet. Your son is growing up so well. The biggest indicator of how well you’ve done as a parent is how your kids behave when you aren’t around, and you’ve done super!

  2. 2

    Elaine Adair says

    Great to hear, especially from OTHER parents, how wonderful our kids are! Seems their comments are more favorable than our own. (could that be a lesson here?)

    And yes, I remember those threats – the ones that subsided, when items I was paying for were not included in the ‘leaving home’ part.

    Great job, Mom!

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    Owens Family Adventures says

    It’s “That Day” that every parent hopes for and hangs on to when they are going through their silliness…the day when we see them become men. I am so glad for you!!!!

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    Mary says

    Just goes to show that all the hard work does pay off. I get told all the time how *lucky* I am but I worked pretty hard to get mine where they are so while certainly luck may play a part – so does all the time, energy, and trauma of raising them.

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    Morah says

    I had to comment. You are so right…if you hang in there, stick to your guns, whether they prove to be right or wrong, the kids come around. Somehow the values, morals and manners we teach them get in….past the music, friends, bad behavior ect.
    Hurray for you seeing one of the good moments! They will only continue!

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    Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum says

    Wow, that’s great. that would be one of the days when you are pleased he is not still living in the car at Wal-Mart!! Tracey