My Purple House is now .. BLUE!

Remember my purple house from a post I did a year or so ago?

I know once you sell a house, you can’t control what happens but look what they’ve done to my purple house. They’re painting it blue . . kinda bluish gray! Not everyone would like a purple house I suppose, and when they changed the roof after Hurricane Rita, the blue probably matches better but .. it will always be Judy’s purple house! The picture isn’t very good but I kinda feel like a criminal taking pictures of someone else’s house. You can see that they haven’t gotten around to painting the side yet so it’s still purple (actually, the house was purplish gray).


  1. 1

    Vicky says

    Gosh, that must be a bummer to see. That’s why I’ve never gone bakc to look at a house I’ve sold.

    I meant to comment on your last blog about your Mom’s lime green sweater! Loved it! Who’s the influence there? 🙂

  2. 3

    Yvonne says

    What an awesome house….that would definately be a house of my dreams! I wouldn’t care what color it was either.

  3. 5

    JunePB says

    Hehehehe…welcome to my world!! I take pictures of other people’s houses all the time, just cause I like them and collect house pictures and because I’m selling them too, but I take pictures of houses other than the one’s I’m selling just cause I think they’re neat.

  4. 6

    anne bebbington says

    Oh Judy I know just how you feel – we found our old house on the aerial photo site that microsoft do and could peer into the back garden which you can’t see from the road. The new owners have stripped the entire area completely and put it totally down to lawn. All the borders, beds and climbers we put in are all gone – clematis, roses, passionflowers, jasmine, shrubs etc etc etc that we spent probably hundreds of pounds on if not thousands in dribs and drabs over the thirteen years we were there gone in one fell swoop – if I’d known I’d have brought some of them with us if that were possible. I sort of wished I’d not seen it afterwards I felt so bereft and no amount of ‘we’re not the owners anymore’ was any consolation. Definitely their loss!!!

  5. 8

    Susan says

    That’s a beautiful house. I can see why you would have loved it – and only two years! We’ve been back in Phx twice since we sold the house, but I don’t drive by it to look, even though I go to the dentist about 1/2 mile away. I don’t want to know. =)