New Potatoes and Milk Gravy

Before I share this recipe, I’m going to share an idea. This seems so simple, everyone else probably already knows. First, I do not like this stove. I hate all these little rubber buttons – all 18 of them! There’s no way to effectively clean around them so I have to pop them all out, wash them, clean the stove, snap them back in. It really isn’t a big deal but I hate doing it and one day I’m going to lose one of them and . . hey, then maybe I can get a new stove! I had just cleaned the stove last night. For lunch, we were supposed to have leftover ribs and potato salad but there’s no leftover potato salad. I decided to pan fry some potatoes but ugh . . they’re going to splatter on my clean stove. So, I covered those blasted little buttons in packing tape! I’ll use Press & Seal next time but when I was finished with the potatoes, I pulled the tape off and still have a nice clean stove!

Now for the recipe. My mom told me that a lady who was older than my grandma shared this recipe with my grandma many years ago and then my mom learned to make it and I now make it. Chad and Vince love it . . and so do I. When I was a kid, I remember always wanting these potatoes and mom didn’t make them very often. I suppose it’s because new potatoes aren’t around all year and it’s a pain in the rear to have to scrape them all.

Start with new potatoes. Try to get them all about the same size. Scrape – do not peel them. I scrape them with a paring knife or sometimes just use my thumbnail. You don’t want to cut into the potato – just get the red skin off.

Simmer them in salted water til barely done. Don’t boil them hard or they’ll come apart or get too sticky.

Beat an egg or two with some Tabasco. Dip the potatoes in the egg, then roll in seasoned flour. I use Ball’s Cajun Seasoning or “Slap Ya Mama”. I know it’s not healthy but I fry them in bacon grease. You could use plain oil, olive oil, or butter, which probably isn’t much better than bacon grease. Turn them to get them nice and brown on all sides, being careful not to let the residue in the pan scorch.

Remove the potatoes, add milk to the pan drippings. Stir and simmer til thick and smooth. Return potatoes to gravy, cover and simmer til potatoes are thoroughly hot.


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    Pieces From Me says

    GREAT tip about the stove. I don’t have all the buttons, but mine is black so it shows every spot of splatter and then when I clean it it looks al streaky unless I clean it several times. Press & seal would be a perfect solution!!

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    Denise says

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    meggie says

    Great idea for saving on cleaning.
    I dont have that problem, but am always happy to learn a new trick. The best tip I have recently learnt, is to use pantyhose for cleaning stainless steel! It really is a miracle, & no chemicals or cleaners needed. Only the expense of buying them! as I dont wear them.
    I will try that recipe for pototoes I am sure my family will love them. Thanks for sharing Judy.

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    Jane Ann says

    I don’t like all the digital powerpad stuff. I think it’s hard to engage the darn things. Your clean-up short-cut is INSPIRED!!

    HOW do you stay so trim?

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    Bingo~Bonnie says

    I have never heard of potatoes cooked this way before… and cut and pasted your recipe into an email to our neighbor next door. He grows new potatoes in his garden and occasionaly shares some with us. He grew up here in Orange, so maybe he has eaten potatoes this way???

    Maybe when I get back into the swing of things and cooking “real meals” again, I can try out your recipe. Love the photos you post to go along 😉 ~Bonnie

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    Well….GOLLY…I googled new potatoes with milk gravy and it led me back to YOUR blog for this 2007 entry (which is before I discovered your blog). This does sound yummy…and it wasn’t at all what I expected when I first heard the name of the recipe.