Hamilton Beach Customer Service

Hamilton Beach definitely gets a thumbs up from me. Here’s my story and I’m always amazed when I do things differently from the way I usually do them, then some mishap occurs and I realize that had I done things the way I normally would have done them, I could have had a disaster.

On my “To Do List” this morning were (1) Bathe the dog, (2) Call both vets in Owensboro and get Speck’s shot records and reports from the orthopedic vet faxed to me, (3) Change the slipcover on the sofa.

That’s not a lot to get done but the things on my list have to be done before I can do anything fun – like quilt or knit!

On the menu for tonight is Chicken Stew in the crockpot and I knew I had to have that on by 9 or 9:30 if I was going to have dinner on the table before 6 p.m. I needed to bathe the dog before I took my shower and I wanted to change the slipcover before my shower because I can usually work up a sweat getting that thing on there.

At almost 9, I was just getting ready to go to the grocery store to get things I needed to go into the crock pot. Got home about 9:30 and was rushing — got the carrots scraped and sliced, put them in the bottom of the crockpot. Decided to turn it on at this point. I usually throw everything in there, then turn the crockpot on and go about my business, which today would have been going downstairs to quilt and probably not coming back upstairs for a couple of hours. Worse, sometimes I leave the crockpot on and leave the house!

But, I scrubbed the new potatoes, quartered them, added them to the crockpot; chopped the onion and added it, cleaned up the chicken breasts, cut them into chunks, added them. What’s that smell? I so rarely use my crockpot — this was the second time I’ve used it in the seven months we’ve been here, so I didn’t think much about the smell. Went to the pantry to get the chicken gravy packets and mixed that with water and spices with my back to the crockpot. When I turned around, my entire kitchen was smokey — a little smoke goes a long way! And it smelled awful — plastic melting. I unplugged the crockpot, called Vince — like he could help a lot from work, but I felt better talking to him.

I know this picture doesn’t look like enough to scare the you know what outta me but it did. Somehow the wires, which appear to be very heavily insulated, melted right through the plastic. I’m just so very, very thankful that I didn’t do like I usually do and turn it on at the last minute and leave the house or go downstairs and forget about it.

After having had 2 house fires, I get real scared when I smell smoke in my house! (Getting rid of the ex-husband also seems to have stopped my arson fires!)

So, here it is 10:00, raw potatoes, carrots, onions and chicken are sitting in a dead crockpot. I ran to Wal-Mart and got another one and this all worked out fine because I’ve been invited to a guild in Stockton, MO and they do pot luck lunches so I bought the “Stay or Go” with the lid that snaps on, can’t possibly spill in the car (we’ll see about that!). Remember that handy dandy thing I bought that plugs into the cigarette lighter and makes an electric plug. I can have the crockpot going while I’m driving down the road!

Vince came home for lunch and he told me I should call Hamilton Beach and let them know what happened so I did and they were so nice! When the lady asked me for the model and serial numbers, she said “oh, an oldie!”. Yes, it is old, 12 years according to her, but it hasn’t had much use. They’re sending me a label to send it to them and they’re sending me a new crockpot! I tried to tell her that I don’t need another crockpot — I just bought one this morning but she insisted. And the one they’re sending me is stainless steel, and programmable – much nicer than I would ever have bought for myself.

It’s all thrown my morning off schedule, and dinner is going to be late but good grief, that’s pretty darned nice of Hamilton Beach to replace a 12 year old crockpot with this nice one.

Now . . I’m going to scrub the outside of the old one before sending it back so they don’t think I’m a PIG! Don’t I have an amazing way of getting rid of clutter. Let’s see — I use 5 yards of fabric from my stash and replace it with 10 yards of the exact same fabric. I ruin my crockpot and end up with two crockpots to replace it.


  1. 1

    Yvonne says

    I just love when I hear good, no great customer service stories. Now that you have two crock pots maybe you’ll use them more often…lol I’m always leary about leaving the house with things on…just never know. Glad you were there to save the day!

  2. 2

    Vicki W says

    It’s not very often that we hear a GOOD customer service story – thanks for sharing. And, yes, you really do have a special talent for stash and stuff reduction!

  3. 4

    Gail says

    I like that kind of customer service- now that I know they are that good, if I ever have to choose between HB and another product that is otherwise the ‘same’, I’ll go with HB!

  4. 5

    Mary says

    I haven’t used my crock pot in several months either – it’s more of a winter tool for me.

    It’s nice to hear of a company with good customer service – of course they were probably just glad it didn’t cause a fire and give you a reason to sue them!

  5. 6

    mereth says

    You certainly seem to have some sort of ‘reverse de-cluttering’ mojo going on there.Sort of like that fairy tale about the old couple and the pot that doubles everything they put into it…..

  6. 7

    deputyswife says

    Judy! The same thing happened to my sister over a month ago! Judging by your picture, in almost the same spot. I do believe it was the same brand crockpot.

    I will be calling my sister in the morning to have her give the company a call.

    It is really scary about crockpots. Until this happened with my sister, I would throw food in there before I left for work in the morning. It would be on low all day long. I guess after these stories, I won’t be doing that anymore!

  7. 8

    meggie says

    Oh, you were soooo lucky! They say things happen for a reason- maybe ‘they’ are right!

  8. 9

    Evelyn aka Starfishy says

    I love my crockpot, but after hearing your story – very doubtful I will leave the house for the day when it is on. I stopped leaving the dryer on years ago, but never had a worry about a crockpot! Well, hopefully you will enjoy your TWO new crockpots! We like to use one at parties for meatballs. Glad to hear all ended well.



  9. 10

    Kairle says

    Lucky you…in so many ways!

    I smiled when you said you could plug the crock pot in and cook in the car. I did the same thing this summer when my chicken wasn’t finished cooking and I still had an hours drive up the mountain. Be careful though, my converter actually overheated and doesn’t work any longer.