Pieced Sashings

A blog reader wrote me and asked for help with adding pieced sashing in Electric Quilt projects. Let’s just get this out of the way first — I love EQ and though I know I could piece quilts without EQ, I can’t quite imagine doing so. It is one of my most valuable quilting tools. If you don’t have it, I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t love it. I think it saves money to have it because I can plug my own fabric choices into a quilt and decide if it’s going to look like I think it will look before cutting all the fabrics and frustrating myself with combinations that do not work. I know what you’re all thinking . . she knew it was going to look like that and she did it anyway? 🙂

To add pieced sashing to a design, just drag a pieced block from your sketchbook into the sashing space and drop it there like you would a block into a place where you’re going to put a block. You can use any block but I often will draw out just a portion of a block to make it fit.

Remember this quilt? It has affectionately become known as the boomerang quilt and you can read the story on my old blog about it, if you haven’t already read the story. I love this quilt and I love the story about how it ended up back in my possession. Oh . . yes . . I love Vicky too! 🙂

See how those are plain Friendship Star blocks. This his how they would look without any sashing at all, set on point.

Not very exciting, huh? Here’s how it would look with plain, non-pieced sashing.

A bit more interesting. But, look what happens when you add a pieced sashing. This is exactly how the boomerang quilt was made.

Are you able to see what type pieced sashing I used? It’s simply a stretched quarter square triangle. Start with this:

Make it the size you need it to be. If your blocks are 9″ and the sashing is 2″ wide (all finished sizes), then your stretched quarter square triangle would finish at 2″ x 9″ (2-1/2″ by 9-1/2″ unfinished).

Same technique I used in this quilt:

And, if you really don’t want to figure it all out on your own, you can order my pattern, Stars in the Meadow, or ask your local quilt shop to carry it!! It’s the design below . . which is a square version of The Glistening Rose Garden quilt shown above.

One more example of pieced sashing. This is the quilt I’m currently working on and have been showing my progress.

It looks a whole lot better when the lines are removed. I left them there so you could see where the sashing ended and the blocks begin.

For my own use, adding a pieced sashing – even a very simply pieced sashing as shown in these examples, will greatly enhance the appearance of traditional, everyday nine patch blocks.


  1. 1

    Vicky says

    Gosh, you make it sound all so easy! I’m such a doofus with EQ. Your quilts are so beautiful! I want to be like you when I grow up!!

  2. 2

    Yvonne says

    Me too! I’ve had EQ6 for awhile and I can’t do anything even close to what you do.

  3. 4

    Maya Madhavan says

    I have EQ too and haven’t yet figured out (thanks to not spending enough time on it) how to make my own blocks or use scanned images of my own fabric in the design. I just use Xfig on Linux when I need to make a pattern!

    I love “The Glistening Rose Garden”/”Stars in the Meadow” pattern -another one I’d love to make. There really should be a warning on your blog saying “reading this blog may cause the reader to start on too many projects at once”! 😀

  4. 5

    Judy says

    Thanks for the tips! I really should have realized that myself but sometimes things are staring you in the face and you still can’t see them!

    My quilt is all nice a done now with it’s fixed sashing!

  5. 6

    Ms. Jan says

    I love EQ also and use it frequently. Thanks for some great ideas–and feel free to share more of them any old time! *grin*

  6. 7

    Mary says

    Judy, your quilts are wonderful and no not everyone will be as good a designer as you even with EQ but I agree it’s just about the most valuable tool I have. I may not sew everyday but chances are I’m in EQ tweaking a pattern or figuring what size I want to make a quilt. I love version 6 the most. They’ve made it even easier and I love the ability to export the quilts or blocks into other programs.

    I love your designs and have your book on order at Amazon. I was disappointed because they emailed me the other day and extended the shipping date. I think you mentioned before they had an earlier date than you expected.

  7. 9

    Pinky says

    Thanks for the EQ advertisement! I’ve been trying to convince my husband that I NEED EQ. I printed out your bit about it helping to save money so maybe that will encourage him. Thanks.

  8. 10

    Susan says

    Judy, your EQ tutorial makes perfect sense (I get by with what I need to do in EQ – but haven’t done much extensive designing…). My question is – okay, so now you have a nice drawing with stretched quarter-square triangle sashing. Do you have any tricks for actually cutting and piecing said sashes? Surely you don’t make templates? I’d be very interested to know how you do this…