Pink Peanut Patties

You ladies are shocking me! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that so many of you have never heard of pink peanut patties because I had never seen them in Kentucky or any other place I’ve been around KY. It’s one of those things I grew up with and just assumed they were everywhere . . til I moved to KY. When I was going to Louisiana in June, I was so excited when I stopped in TX for gas and saw pink peanut patties. I knew I was getting close to home.

The surprising thing was that I saved half of my beloved pink peanut patty for Vince (no – that’s not the surprising part). It was sitting on a towel on the stove when he walked in and he said “what’s on the stove?” He had never had one either!

Know what else he’d never had? Those snowball things with the marshmallow stuff on the outside and the coconut on the outside of that. We were watching them being made on TV one night. I can’t stand those and I kept saying “I hate those things”. Vince said “you’ve had them?” Who hasn’t had them? VINCE!! When Elaine, Kim and I were going to Paducah this winter, we stopped at a truck stop to get gas (classy bunch, aren’t we?) and they had them so I asked Elaine and Kim to remind me to stop there on the way back and get one for Vince.

His life is so much richer because of me. He’s had a snowball and a pink peanut patty now! šŸ™‚

I found this recipe. It’s just candy — they taste like sugar and peanuts. Actually I could do without the peanuts and just eat the sugar but I could eat sugar with a spoon and be real happy.


  1. 1

    Norma says

    My husband’s family is from Oklahoma. He and his mother love those pink patties, so I have been known to mail them to her when she lived in California. His big thing about them is they have to be “fresh” or he doesn’t want them. How the heck do you know if they are fresh?? Have you made this recipe? Are they the “real” thing?

  2. 2

    Tracey says

    I have never seen that pink peanut thing before. They look almost like French Burnt Peanuts but all stuck together.

    As for the Snowballs, I think they are regional like Devil Dogs. I know that my uncles living out in Nevada always want us to send them Devil Dogs and Ring Dings because they can’t get them there.

  3. 3

    Suzanne Earley says

    I hadn’t heard of them either. I wasn’t sure it looked very appetizing, but after seeing the recipe, I can see that they might be kind of yummy….

    Never had a snowball either, but I do know what they are. Hate coconut, so not interested in that one! LOL!

  4. 4

    Randi says

    Oh man, my Mom makes the BEST pink peanut patties, ever! I wish all y’all could taste them. Yummy!

  5. 6

    Darlene says

    I’m very familiar with pink peanut patties however I don’t care for them. And, I detest Snowballs – it’s the coconut (ick). I’m a Texas girl so that might explain how I know about pink peanut patties.

  6. 7

    QuiltMom says

    Hi Judy,

    Pink Peanut Patties may be a regional thing- I haven’t seen them in Western Canada. I checked out the recipe and it called for canned milk- I am assuming that is the same as evaporated milk( Carnation) and not Eagle brand sweetened condensed milk ??? It is interesting to check out recipes from other places- the ingredients don’t always translate or aren’t available in your area. I hope you found some fresh local produce. You are always making such interesting recipes. Thanks for sharing.

  7. 8

    loulee1 says

    We all enrich our mens lives in ways they really don’t appreciate. My Hunney is from New Zealand and has never heard of half the stuff we get here in GB.
    I’ve had snowballs, but not your pink patties, are they anything like peanut brittle? It is toffee and peanuts.
    Hey I got a real word as the password! :-O ‘puddle’

  8. 9

    Tazzie says

    I’ve never seen a pink peanut pattie before – or a peanut pattie of any colour *s*. Good for you for saving half, hubby is lucky to get half of anything if it’s something I love!

  9. 10

    Vicky says

    When I was back home, those things were in every grocery store. I’ve never seen them in SoCal. I’ll have to remember to get one the next time I’m home. I wonder if they taste as good as I remember they do! LOL

  10. 11

    CathiHarry says

    We moved to Texas 7 years ago from Nevada. When I saw those strange pink things I wondered what they were. Have never had the nerve to try one. Now that I know what they are, I might try. Cathi

  11. 12

    Ms. Jan says

    I remember seeing pink patties on a visit to my sister in New Orleans, but we never got one. Drat!

    Sno-balls…..they will always remind me of going out on a day-fishing boat with my Dad. He always brought sno-balls with lunch and if we kids weren’t seasick, we eat them! LOL

    Thanks for a trip down memory lane, Judy.

  12. 13

    Erin says

    Thanks for explaining Judy! I will have to make them! I know my husband will love them! We have never seen them here in New Hampshire!

  13. 15

    Ramona-quilter says

    They had them in El Paso when I was growing up. Snowballs, the pink ones, please and peanut pattys. Pink, of course. What can I say? Mis-spent youth.

  14. 16

    Vickie says

    I loved this story! I grew up in Texas and two things I always looked forward to were Pink Peanut Patty and home-made Peanut Brittle. My Grandmother worked at a candy factory in Jacksonville, Texas and she would bring us a paper “sack” full of broken pieces of Pink Peanut Patties that were considered rejects. Just writing this, I can taste them! Thanks for the recipe. My California husband has heard me talk about this candy for years, now he can actually experience a true Texas delicacy!