September 11

I had said that I wasn’t going to make a post about September 11 but as the day draws to a close, it almost seems like I cannot NOT make a post about September 11. It’s such a part of our history now. Just like my grandparents probably never forgot where they were or what they were doing when they heard about Pearl Harbor or my parents when they heard of the death of JFK, I’ll never forget hearing the events of September 11, 2001.

I had just gone downstairs to begin quilting and when I turned the TV on, it was just moments after the reports were coming in of the first plane hitting. I called Vince and told him. He immediately said terrorists. I was furious with him for being so negative .. always thinking the worst. I assured him that by some mishap, the plane’s radar had been off. Almost immediately after we hung up, the second plane hit. I called him back. He was so sure it was terrorists. I was so sure the whole radar situation was messed up in NY. It soon became apparent that he was correct and as much as I hated to believe this could happen, it had happened.

I had fabric that had the Statue of Liberty, the NY skyline, including the Twin Towers. I had purchased it quite a while before 9/11 to make a Stack & Whack quilt. I made the quilt and it’s one of my favorites. I never see that quilt that I don’t stop and pray for the families who have lost so much, whether on 9/11 or those fighting the War on Terror.

Our world has truly changed. I’ll never understand why people cannot get along, or at least agree to disagree

Judy Laquidara


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    Anonymous says

    Judy, that quilt is beautiful. You have always had such a good eye!

    I, like you, don’t understand why people can’t get along. There is no need, in this world, for the degree of disagreements to cause such strife and damage to others. But, I will tell you that it starts with us, in our homes, towns, counties, states, countries. I think that it takes a certain kind of mental illness for someone, or sects of someones, or nations of someones, to be so sure that they are right about facts or attitudes about themselves, others, nations, that they would spur unneeded violence against others… Even with the damage they do, it is not a reflection of the victims, it shows their own mental illness and shows us what they are made of….. It is all of the world that pays the price for this. I hope we’ve paid enough soon because I’ve seen enough!!!!

    I pray with you, Judy…

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    Mrs. Goodneedle says

    Great quilt, Judy. I, too, have that same fabric… I haven’t been able to cut it up. We must never forget what we, as Americans, hold most precious- our liberties, our freedoms. I can’t imagine that we’ll ever understand this hatred in our lifetime.

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    Marianne says

    I too, have that same fabric. I bought it right before 9/11. I spent a good part of today looking at all the 9/11 videos on Youtube. I think it is important to never forget the horror of that day. Let’s be clear though, these people are not mentally ill. They are freely following what they are taught from an early age. It is no different from what other totalitarians have desired (world dominance); it’s just that this one is couched in the language of religion. We must stand up to them or we and our way of life will disappear.

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    Kim says

    I had a feeling you’d post something about 9/11. I had similar thoughts this morning. Back then, I wasn’t e-mailing and blogging, so I would have Good Morning America on TV as I got ready for work, and the news story was on that morning. Of course, it was shocking. And how so much has changed since! That’s what I miss most–our relative trust in our fellow human beings.

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    Jane Ann says

    “… it almost seems like I cannot NOT make a post about September 11.”

    I had no plan at all to write about it, but it seemed to flow from my fingers in one sitting this afternoon. I suppose I’d been incubating thoughts on a subconscious level, and I too suddenly felt compelled to relate my own experience, much as I can also relate every moment of 11/22/63. (Ironically, my first grandchild was born on 11/22. There aren’t many under 50 who recognize that date, so in a way her birthdate has become a salve for that terrible wound I suffered at age 16.)

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    Helen in the UK says

    What a great quilt.
    Maybe if we could get the whole world quilting it would be a happier place? There is currently too much anger and hatred in the world 🙁

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    Laurie Ann says

    Hi Judy! I left you an e-mail, but wanted to follow up. Could you send me the info for putting back the stash link in my blog. I updated my template and lost it and now I am stopping the ring! Thanks!!!