Celebration of Freedom Quilt

Remember my quilt, Celebration of Freedom that went to raise money for the Pentagon Memorial Fund? Here’s the blog entry I originally posted when I received noticed that my quilt was chosen.

Here’s a portion of an e-mail I received from the guy I’d been in contact with regarding this donation:

To say that your quilt was the focal point of our showcase would be an understatement --- it was the highlight; it was the main attraction; it was the 'buzz' of the showcase! The end results: $4,595.  That's right...your quilt alone brought us $4,595 --- a DCUC record for a single item donation!

They raised a total of $25,000 for the Pentagon Memorial Fund. I’m thrilled that my quilt went to such a worthy cause and they were thrilled with the sum it brought in.

Judy L.


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    julieQ says

    wowwee!!!! That is just fabulous Judy!! Congratulations, that kind of satisfaction doesn’t come every day, and you can be very proud with good reason!


  2. 3

    Vicky says

    Congratulations, Judy! You are so generous to donate this stunning quilt. And the buyers were astute enough to recognize perfection!

    I’m so proud of you I’m about to burst!


  3. 5

    Anonymous says

    The quilt is stunning, and it’s wonderful that it raised so much money for a worthy cause. Sharon

  4. 6

    mar says

    I’ve got goose bumps and tears, that is fantastic Judy!! We are so proud of you, the quilt is beautiful!

  5. 8

    Patti says

    Not surprising at all Judy – it’s a stunner for sure. I would have been very surprised if it hadn’t brought such a sum. It is a work of art, and for such a good cause. This has to make you feel so marvelous. Congratulations once again.

  6. 9

    Mary says

    How wonderful! It’s such a beautiful quilt I’m not surprised but you never know. Nice letter too.

    I had a note from a woman I’d sent one of the HeartStrings quilts I’d made from the Chinese Coins sections donated in April/May. It really touched me deeply and just reaffirmed why I make these quilts. I know you must be feeling very good right now.

  7. 10

    Tanya says

    Congratulations and it really is a gorgeous quilt! Sometimes it is scary to have a price put on a quilt, but you should be proud to know what a great contribution you made!

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    Mrs. Goodneedle says

    Oh my goodness, what a fantastic honor and what a completely marvelous cause! I think the quilt is incredible and is undoubtedly worth much, much more (cash value), but those types of things are hard to put a dollar amount to! You are a true patriot, as a proud American I’d like to thank you for your kind and generous heart.

  9. 16

    zizzybob says

    Wow, your quilt is gorgeous. Congratulations!!! It sure has revved me up to go make some more charity quilts.
    Barbara B

  10. 18

    Randi says

    Fabulous! I can’t imagine how thrilling that would be…I’m so glad that it was appreciated for the beautiful treasure that it is. WTG, Judy!

  11. 20

    Alycia says

    WOW WOW WOW – That is soooo impressive – of course the quilt is SOOO worth that . What Wonderful thing!!! I am proud!

  12. 23

    Suze says

    How wonderful that you could contribute so much. The quilt is exquisite and I know the new owner will appreciate such exceptional work.

  13. 25

    pdudgeon says

    i think i could sit and look at that quilt all day long and not get tired. it’s so nice when someone really values the hard work and inspiration that you put into all your quilts. I’m so happy for you, Judy!

  14. 26

    Owens Family Adventures says

    I think that is just so wonderful!! I’m not surprised that the quilt went for so much though…your work is magnificent!! Way to go!!

  15. 29

    Lindah says

    Isn’t that wonderful! Congratulations! It is an absolutely gorgeous quilt. And for a very worthy cause. Thank you for doing that. We all benefit from your caring generosity.

  16. 30

    Jeanne says

    Judy, that is fantastic! Your quilt is gorgeous and certainly worth every penny. You must feel really happy about the event and I’m really happy and proud of you.

  17. 31

    Cheryl says

    What an encouragement for you! Love the quilt and am thrilled for you to get the news on how your quilts was a smashing success!

  18. 32

    Shelina says

    Wow Judy! That is absolutely amazing. It is a beautiful quilt – a stunning work of art, so it is well deserving.

  19. 34

    Sally says

    Oh Judy, this is just so incredible. And it was the HIGHLIGHT of the show.
    I am so proud of you!! Your generosity still amazes me and I’m SO happy to know that your talents are recognized. The *highlight* of the show. How incredibly cool is that!
    Congratulations Judy!!

  20. 35

    Passionate Quilter says

    Judy-that is SO awesome! I can certainly understand–that quilt is beautiful. Congratulations girl! You will never come down from the clouds now! Flying high on so many recent successes has got to feel great–and well deserved!

  21. 36

    Anonymous says

    WOW!!! That was my initial loud expression before I enlarged the picture of the quilt….what a beauty and when I read the caption…WOW WHEEEEEEE!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  22. 38

    Susan says

    Wow, Judy, that means your quilt accounted for almost 20% of the proceeds! Way to go! My husband loves the quilt, too.

  23. 40

    Beth says

    Congratulations! That is a spectacular quilt, and it was for such a great cause, you must be very proud.

  24. 41

    deputyswife says

    It is a beautiful quilt! And I am sure it was worth every penny. You must be very proud!

    Of course, you know me, I have to stick my two cents in… Did you know that you can write off $4595 on your taxes as a donation? Double check with your accountant, but I am 99% sure that if you donate something for a charity auction, the amount it brings is what you can deduct for donations on your taxes.

  25. 42

    Carla says

    Congratulations, Judy… a wonderful quilt that has gone to a wonderful group. Isn’t it great to do good in the world? The quilt is gorgeous.
    Ya done good. 🙂
    ~Carla Riggs

  26. 43


    Oh my word what a wonderful quilt and that is so fantastic that it brought such a large sum for the fundraiser!!! WOHOO!!!