Painter’s Tape

I love 3M for so many reasons. Let me count the ways: the paycheck, the health insurance, moving us to Missouri; but maybe more important, I love the Painter’s Tape. Yes, there are other brands of similar stuff but it’s authentic 3M Scotch-Blue Painter’s Tape at our house.

When longarming, Painter’s Tape is one of my best tools. The picture above shows it all stacked up on the leg of my longarm.

I use it to mark the edges of the quilt on the rollers to be sure the quilt is rolling straight and not getting crooked.

I use it to mark the beginning and ends of pantos. Because I’m watching the laser light as I follow the panto, I’m not watching the edge of the quilt to see when I get to the edge so I mark the stopping and starting spots on the panto.

And, when making circles, there are all these little holes in the Circle Lord. How would I know which hole to put the stylus in each time without Painter’s Tape? Otherwise, I’d be guessing and you can bet the circles (made as the spine for feathered wreaths) would not be all the same size.

Thanks 3M for so much!! 🙂

Judy L.


  1. 1

    Vicky says

    I love the blue tape; use it for everything. Maybe we should buy stock? LOL Oh, I recognize that fabric on your longarm!! 😉

  2. 3

    eileenl10 says

    I like the painter tape also…but I use dry erase markers on the plastic overlay on my Gammil and it just wipes aways when I’m done.

  3. 4

    Norma says

    Painter’s tape is a staple in my studio too! I use it for all the same reasons as you–except for marking holes on the Circle Lord. I had not thought of that one. You know I will be using it for that too now!