Another Bridge I Can’t Cross

Photo by Frank Dutton of

My dad’s brother, Force Miller, of Shreveport, died Thursday and the funeral is Monday in Shreveport and the burial is right near mom and dad’s farm/camp. Dad was concerned that I might get to their house before they got home from the funeral so I mentioned maybe I would just meet them at the camp on Monday night. We have a few things I need to do up there anyway and it would save us from having to make another trip. Then I remembered the Sabine River Bridge there is much longer than the one I normally cross. The one in the picture is the longer one . . there’s NO WAY I’m driving across that bridge. I can find a comfy spot and sit and wait til the funeral is over and mom and dad can come drive me across to the Louisiana side or I can forget meeting them at the farm.

I’m mad at myself for being afraid to cross bridges but I’m thankful I took the time to find a picture of the bridge before planning to cross it.

I’ll see what works best for them . . coming to TX (it’s only about 10 miles from their camp I think) and getting me or having me meet them at their house. It’s sad to be such a wimp!

Judy L.



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    Elaine Adair says

    Well, at least you can admit it. I used to be VERY afraid of heights, but a short rapelling adventure eliminated a LOT of that fear. Good luck, stay strong!

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    sherry says

    I have a fear of crossing bridges as well. I don’t think I’d make it across that one without having a panic attack! You are not alone & you are not a wimp. LOL Hang in there Judy.

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    Vicky says

    Well, at least that one is flat, and not tall and pointy like the one in Lake Charles. You can do it, Judy! Just crank up “Mathilda” and sing loudly while you’re crossing it!

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    Perry says

    I can relate to that bridge. I have had to cross it several times during the years I lived in the Houston area, and I was a freaking wreck everytime. I had problems with the bridges over the Houston Ship Channel for years and always tried to avoid them. I don’t think you really ever get over the fear of height.

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    Bingo~Bonnie says

    Judy, Judy, Judy!!! I can drive you over it – really!!! I am right here on the TX/LA boarder and woudl not mind to be yoru driver! I have room in my van for you and another person if Chad will be traveling with you…

    I can’t guarantee that the twins won’t be crying but will try my best to prevent that to avoid you from being any more stressed out – I will do my best to plan on driving it after Olivia and Paul Thomas have both eaten so at least they are not hungry.

    Really – if you would like for me to drive you to your dad’s PLEASE just let me know!!! 🙂 It would be my honnor to do that for you!

    Maybe if we arranged this and got to meet one another we woudl get so carried away talkign that you would completly forget all about that you were crossign such a long bridge! 🙂

    Happy Weekend ~Bonnie

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    Owens Family Adventures says

    I hate bridges too!!! When we were driving to Seattle to catch the plane to Korea we had to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Guess who was driving??!!! Yep, me! Guess who almost passed out??!! Yep again! Me!
    Oh, and when I go visit my parents in Illinois we drive three hours to their campground. About 20 minutes from there is a town that has an Amish community. I love going there! The little stores for clothes and the people are so interesting to me. We end up driving in the countryside to see their homes. You can always tell an Amish home by the way they tie their curtains all to one side. It’s just such a simpler and more peaceful way to live, isn’t it. 🙂

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    Anonymous says


    You are NOT alone in your bridge fears. In order to get to the beach in Maryland, we have to drive across the Bay Bridge – both long and HIGH. I did it once and thought I was going to have a heart attack. Find a way to get someone to drive you! Good luck
    Janelle in Maryland

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    dee says

    I think of you every time I have to cross a bridge. Funny what blogging will bring to the picture.

  9. 10

    Anonymous says

    I think everyone has fears and/or phobias, being able to talk about it is the first step to controlling it.


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    Kim says

    Trust your intuition. No reason to challenge that bridge if you have options.

    Personally, I think that bridge looks a bit daunting. Is it as close to the water as it appears?

    I live in the Duluth, MN area where we drive over bridges no matter where we go. Plenty of water to cross here in the land of 10,000 lakes and I live near Lake Superior, the biggest of them all.

    I am making a ‘mom’ visit this winter. She’s making things comfy for my extended stay, having her sewing machine tuned up for me, so sweet of her. I know I will miss my sewing so will bring a project along, and then there are all of those fabulous quilt shops out there to visit! Would be nice to make a lap quilt for Mom. Something to leave behind when I have to head back to MN. What a great excuse to extend my stay in sunny CA, can’t leave until that quilt is done! Or until I am sufficiently spoiled…

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    Suze says

    Judy, I was sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle.

    I do however understand about bridges. I really DON’T like to go across one. And where do we live but on the Cape where you have to cross the bridge to get to the mainland.

    Are you home yet?