Proud Wife

I’m so proud of my husband! When we were in Kentucky, Vince was feeling a bit disenchanted or bored . . in general, he was just looking for a change. He wasn’t sure about getting a new job at 50+ and I was very apprehensive about moving from KY while Chad was still in high school. When we had problems (which was often) with Chad getting homework done, Vince was always better working with him and Chad preferred to work with Vince rather than with me. So, I encouraged Vince to check with the local school system and see what it would take to become a teacher. It seems to me that our school systems are in such dire need of responsible, mature adults to be teaching high school kids. So, Vince talked to whomever it was at the county school board about what it would take to become a teacher. They totally discouraged him from doing it. Imagine — you have a Civil Engineer with an undergrad degree from Georgia Tech, and masters degrees from Clemson and Tulane and he’s willing to go back to school to get certified to teach either science or math and he gets no, thanks basically.

That idea was shot down and things worked out better for us anyway. You know I’d be working outside the home now if Vince had gone from engineering to teaching high school! For those who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that Vince decided he just needed a new employer and not a whole new career change. He got a job with 3M and we moved to MO and things are real close to perfect right now on the job/home front.

And, the community college here hires professionals to teach some of their night classes so Vince is going to be teaching Math next semester. I think he’ll like it and I think he’ll be a great teacher.

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