Apples & Ginger Aprons

Even though these aprons were just cutouts (like from a panel) and all I had to do was seam up the four ties, turn under the edges and attach the ties, these are the kinds of things I never do! I saw these at a shop a few months ago and thought they’d be cute for mom and me to wear in the kitchen on Christmas morning. If it wasn’t for this stash busting effort, they would have been stuck back on the shelves and never made but . . they’re done!!! I made the first one and said to myself . . I’ll make the other one tomorrow! Then I said to myself . . No, you do both of them tonight! So, they’re both done and it feels so good to get them done.

Won’t mom and I be cute on Christmas morning while working in the kitchen!

Chad and I put the tree up today. It really looks kinda sad! We always got real trees at home — from a tree farm where we went and tagged our tree early and then went back and cut it the day we were ready to put it up. I haven’t seen any tree farms around here but I’ll be there are some.

This is the little tree that I had at my little house in town. That house had 8′ ceilings and the tree is 6-1/2′ so it was ok there. It isn’t so ok here! We have 10′ ceilings and it looks so tiny but mom has a 9 or 9-1/2′ really nice tree that she was going to sell at a garage sale but I told her I want it so I’ll have that for next year. We’ll make do this year. I cannot find my top ornament but there’s a box or two of ornaments that I haven’t found yet. Oh well . . this will be what we have for this year and maybe by next year, we will have found all the other stuff.

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  1. 2

    Vicky says

    I think it looks great! And how about cutting up some of that stash and making a big bow for the top?!! Think stash busting here!

    Love the aprons. Don’t forget to take pix of you two cooks in the kitchen on Christmas morn!

  2. 3

    deputyswife says

    I like the aprons!

    The tree looks great, but I know what you mean. We have tall ceilings also. I wish the our trees were a little taller. I am hoping after Christmas I can find a 8 foot, possibly a 9 foot tree. (Don’t tell the Deputy, though. He will have a heart attack!)

  3. 5

    Mary says

    We’re not allowed real trees at the apartment here and I left all my ornaments in GA for the kids so I’m going to try and find a small tabletop tree and set it on the chest by my window.

  4. 6

    EileenKNY says

    The aprons are so cute, I’ll bet you and Mom will look great on Christmas morning.
    The tree looks wonderful. Ours isn’t going up until the 8th, too much stuff in the room.
    I like Vicky’s idea about making a big bow from your stash for the topper.

  5. 7

    pdudgeon says

    those aprons are so cute!!

    thanks for the encouragement on stash busting.
    today i have to drive right by an LQS to go to my quilting bee. I’ll think to myself **keep driving, keep driving**

  6. 8

    Suze says

    Having finished those aprons you will get a warm fuzzy feeling every time you see them…….

    I do hope we get to see a picture of you and your Mother wearing them.

    Great tree. I can feel your holiday excitement here. How wonderful to have your parents with you.