Middle of the Week

Here it is Wednesday. How’s everyone doing with the stash busting? I wonder if buying fabric is like eating when you’re on a diet .. are there events (stress, frustration, excitement) that trigger fabric buying binges? Are certain days worse than other days? I never thought much about whether I had fabric buying patterns or if I just did it out of boredom or if I just did it because!

This week has been the worst I remember in a long time as far as receiving all those “sale” e-mails! I find myself thinking . . This is such a great price! It’s really better to spend the money when I can get fabric/yarn for this price than it is to wait til I’ve used some of my stash and then I might have to pay full price! Then I come to my senses. Yesterday I did look at some of the yarn that was on sale and I realized I just don’t want any more. I also looked at some of the fabric and then I felt kinda like I was being unfaithful to myself just by looking at it! So, I closed those windows and made a new commitment to myself. I will not even go to the web pages if I accidentally open an e-mail advertising a sale on fabric or yarn.

Make it through today and you’re halfway through the week! We’ll all be winners this week. We’ll all have Stash Busting Reports on Sunday and be able to say we bought nothing and we used something from our stash.

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    The Calico Cat says

    OMG! I just had the same scenario… I saw some Lichen fabric that would make a great border for my Autumn UFO… (I have no idea why it is a UFO. I still like the concept & the fabrics, I have it mostly cut out – enough to do the first bit of piecing. The piecing is easy enough.)

  2. 2

    Marianne says

    Bought some fabric yesterday online BUT I had planned on it. I got just enough to make a tote using that double faced prequilted fabric for a Christmas gift and some batting. I have found the key to not adding to the stash is to stay away from web sites and the LQS.

  3. 3

    Vicky says

    You’re such a good little cheerleader! And cute, too!!

    I’ve been thinking about this. How many times have I gone into a quilt shop to just look around, and then felt quilty if I didn’t buy something? Like I was breathing their air, so I had to spend some money! I think if I can break that ‘must buy something’ way of thinking, I can beat the stash into submission!