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A few weeks ago, a lady posted a picture of a beautiful pink poinsettia she had on her table. I loved it and began playing around with EQ to come up with a quilt I could make that reminded me of a pink poinsettia. I shared a picture of the drawing with the group and most didn’t think it looked like a poinsettia but I still liked it so I began making the blocks.

As I was in the middle of making my blocks, I was reading Kim’s blog and came across this quilt she had made based on Bonnie Hunter’s Weed Whacker pattern. I had seen Bonnie’s pattern quite a few times and the similarities never crossed my mind. But when I saw Kim’s quilt, I thought mine looked way too much like hers and then when I read that she had based her design on Bonnie’s pattern, I felt really bad. The last thing I want to do is ever copy someone else’s design. I wrote Bonnie and Kim and while both saw similarities to their designs, I believe neither feel it was a copied design.

My quilt has sashing with pieced sashing squares, and a pieced border different from what Kim and Bonnie used on their quilts. Here’s what mine is going to look like.

And here’s another version that I may have to make. Since the blocks don’t really look like poinsettias, I suppose a patriotic version will be fine! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. 3

    Mary says

    Well maybe if the leaves were red …

    It looks great and I think we all are influenced by other quilts although I certainly wouldn’t have seen Bonnie’s weed whacker quilt in this.

  2. 4

    Ila says

    I like it! Could be an irish “clover” with a sharp wit or tongue. And a little pink kiss in the center.

    The poinsettia in my imagination would put the center pinwheel in yellow or gold (stamens), the “upper” layer in pink or red, and the “lower” layer in green. I like the border design.

    The patriotic one is really neat, too.

  3. 5

    Susan says

    I love the quilt, and I don’t even like pink. =) I looked at the other two quilts, and while they may all belong to the same genus, each one is definitely a different species.

  4. 6

    Carla says

    Judy, I love, love, LOVE the poinsettia quilt, and I totally see poinsettias when I look at the blocks. And wow — you are fast!!

  5. 10

    Vicky says

    I was one who voted that it DID look like a poinsettia! And I want to make this one after Christmas, although I also like your patriotic version. How much backing will you need for that? I’ve got a fabric for you that would be perfect. LOL

  6. 12

    GRACE says

    very nice judy, but can you try it with more pink; in other words, the pink pinwheel is nice but might there be too much green for a poinsettia? long way of saying i’d like to see more of the pink and less green…JMHO…great pattern

  7. 16

    Patti says

    I’m thinking that if you made the pieces of the block that are now medium green out of a different value pink then it really would look like a poinsetta. I challenge you to try that – I know you have some pink fabric left!