Speck, the Red Nosed Dachshund

I assembled some Christmas wreaths today to go on the outside of the house and something had sequins and one (probably more than one) fell off. Nosie Rosie is always smelling everything and a red sequin got stuck on the end of his nose and he didn’t even know it. Isn’t that cute? I was wrapping packages and Chad was sitting on the floor saying “get the camera!”. Definitely a Kodak (Sony) moment!

I believe there are some of us (Yes, Vicky . . that would be YOU!) who think the best way to bust the stash is by sending it to someone else who is trying to bust their own stash. Seriously, Vicky sent me this gorgeous pink poinsettia fabric along with a companion piece from the Hoffman “Home for the Holidays” line. Now I really, really want to get this quilt done. Isn’t this fabric so pretty and the perfect backing for my pink flowers that I’m pretending are poinsettias? Thank you so much, Vicky!

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  1. 1

    Yvonne says

    LOL….Speck is so cute…that’s really funny. Vicky is a very good friend….I think your poinsettias are lovely and very festive. šŸ™‚

  2. 3

    Vicky says

    Silly dog!! Doxies make me laugh!

    And about that fabric — CSB!! That’s what it is, a CSB!!! xox

  3. 7

    Anonymous says

    LOL, i think Speck has perfected the adoreable puppy look. Chad was right, that’s definitely a classic pic.

    and wow! Vicki’s fabric (now yours)is really breathtakingly beautiful. you’re right Judy, it will be perfect for the pointsettia quilt. you always have such good ideas.

  4. 8

    julieQ says

    I love your baby dog!! I had a one very similar to Speck when I was little.

    Such pretty fabrics!! I think it is OK to give away stash to people in order to stash bust…right?

    Smiles!! Julie

  5. 13

    Rebecca says

    Hi Judy!

    I am commenting to let you know that I read your blog. I really like your patterns. I haven’t made one yet but I do keep track of them. I am looking for your book in a local shop but if I don’t find it soon, I will have to order it!

    Thanks for writing.


  6. 14

    Susan says

    That is a cute photo. I’m with Darcie-great card possibilities! Nifty fabric for this time of the year. Now you’ll just have to send stash back to her! =)

  7. 15

    Mrs. Goodneedle says

    Oh, yes; Santa has room for another reindeer this year! Speck is adorable… and so GROWS the stash.