Pink Quilt

I realized this morning that I haven’t shown the pink quilt after it was finished. It’s now on its way to Louisiana. I think it turned out really pretty and I know she will love it. I sent it to my friend, Sarah, and she is going to give it to Chris and hopefully get some pictures of her receiving it. She said I could mention her name on here so I’m tired of saying “her” and “she” so . . her name is Chris. Many of you have asked about her. I get my info from Sarah and here’s the latest as I know it. Chris went to Shreveport Thursday to have some scans, I think a PET scan but I’m not sure, and to have her port put in. When I talked to Sarah, she didn’t have any scan results. Chris is also going to go to M. D. Anderson in Houston and see what they have to say. Last I heard, her doctor in Lake Charles was setting that up but I don’t think it was scheduled by the time Chris had to leave to go to Shreveport.

And, here’s the label all attached to the quilt. This quilt was totally from the stash. Only thing I had to buy was the Printed Treasures sheets for the label. Pretty good, huh?

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  1. 5

    Vicki W says

    What a wonderful and special quilt and what a nice surprise it wil be. That it’s all from stash is just bonus.

  2. 6

    julieQ says

    Gorgeous! Judy, this will bring comfort and warmth and personal hugs from you. How wonderful of you to do this.


  3. 7

    Shelina says

    This is such a beautiful quilt, I’m tempted to dig through my pinks and make one just like it. Even though I don’t generally choose pink for myself, the valentine’s day quilt I made makes me smile, as does yours.

  4. 9

    Perry says

    This is a beautiful quilt and label, and a wonderful thing you have accomplished. I am sure Chris will be overcome with joy when she receives it. As I use to tell my girls when they were young and had done something special “You get a great big star!” :>)

  5. 10

    Suze says

    We will keep praying for Chris here. The quilt is a wonderful hug from you and I know she will be delighted with it.

  6. 11

    Mary says

    I love the pink quilt Judy and pink really isn’t my favorite color although I’ve been working with it more these last couple years.

    I wondered if you were getting ice. I’m still in VA and it was up in the 70’s today. I will be glad to get home on Wednesday and snow would be nice too!