Christmas Day

Christmas Day is coming to a close at our house. We’ve all checked our stockings, opened packages, eaten til we couldn’t eat another bite and then everyone but Dad and Chad have had long naps.

Here we are in our aprons early this morning. I quickly shed mine and went back to my standard cooking attire – a T-shirt!

My grandma always made the best cornbread dressing and then when she stopped cooking in the late 80’s, mom started doing Christmas dinner and her dressing was as good as my grandma’s. I never made dressing til the first Thanksgiving I was in GA with Vince in 1996. I was calling mom on the phone and trying to figure out what to do step by step and I doubt that first batch of dressing was worth eating. Since we haven’t gone home for Thanksgiving or Christmas in 10 years, I’ve made quite a few batches of dressing but never felt mine was as good as mom’s or my grandma’s. Today mom told me that my dressing was the best dressing she’d ever had and both she and dad ate lots of it so I’m thinking I’ve passed the cornbread dressing test.

Chad made some kind of Ginger Cake Roll for our dessert and it was yummy.

Here’s a little video from our Christmas Dinner.

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  1. 1

    Yvonne says

    Merry Christmas Judy and Family….every thing looks delicious! I hope you all had a wonderful day.
    Your Mom and you look so cute with your matching aprons. 🙂

  2. 3

    deputyswife says

    It’s funny, I guess I knew you are from the south. When I heard your voice I thought “Who is that talking?” Then it dawned on me that it was you! I LOVE your accent. I also love it when you called your parents mama and daddy. Loved it! It reminded me of my aunt (who is from Kentucky).

    I hope you had a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing the pictures. The one of you and your mom is too cute!

  3. 5

    Susan says

    Wow, what a great family Christmas. Does it feel as if the cornbread dressing baton has passed to you now?

  4. 7

    Anonymous says

    Hello Judy and family, Your family is so lovely. Thank you Chad for showing mom how to make a video. You are all sew darn cute. AND, the best part for me…I now know what your voice sounds like, and your accent is sew sweet. Have a great holiday!
    K in MN

  5. 8

    Nana's Quilts says

    Too funny. I think my folks would have shot me had I taken pictures of their plates. Very fun. We had to do the “balance on your knees” trick as there weren’t enough places at the table, but it sure was fun, anyhow!

    Happy holidays.

  6. 9

    EileenKNY says

    What a super Christmas dinner you all had!! Doesn’t it feel like the spirit of Christmas gets stronger when we’re with family? Judy, enjoy your Mom and Dad and build some wonderful memories.

  7. 10

    Nadine says

    Looks like a yummy, yummy Christmas dinner !
    Merry Xmas to you and your family, Judy !

    ((HUGS)) & smiles to you !

  8. 11

    Mar says

    oh this brought a smile to my face. Love hearing you and yours, dinner looks soooo good!! Merry Christmas Sweet Judy!

  9. 12

    Patti says

    Loved the video! Here I’ve always thought of you as having a deep southern accent since you grew up in Louisiana – what a surprise. You don’t sound nearly as “southern” as I thought you would!

    Your meal looks delicious!