Quilting for Mom

Mom brought two quilts with her to be quilted. Lucky for me, I had my poinsettia quilt on the machine but hadn’t started quilting on it yet so .. what’s a girl to do but quilt her own quilt? Got that done and then I loaded Mom’s quilts and got those quilted for her. This one is just squares but she’s going to applique leaves on it now that it’s quilted. I did a panto on it — Fly Away I think but I need to check it — can’t remember.

Mom bought a kit for this quilt. I did the Feather Me panto on it.

And, here are the socks I made for Dad for Christmas. He’s already worn them and they fit .. which is always nice!

Vince also got socks — actually one sock — for Christmas. I have to finish knitting the second sock for him. I ran out of time before I got those finished!

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  1. 1

    mereth says

    Hope you had a great
    Christmas Judy, it must be lovely having the family around.
    It’s nice to know the pattern’s getting some use- I’ve used it on a few of my tops and I’m pleased with it. And your Dad’s socks look gorgeous, I love that subtle sort of blending.
    Make the most of the cold weather,it’s really going to heat up in Australia from now on!

  2. 3

    Vicki W says

    Sounds like you and your Mom had a great Christmas! We are both lucky to be able to share our hobby with our Moms.

  3. 4

    Deb says

    You’ve been a bust girl! It all looks great! It is nice to share the love of quilting with your Mom (or sister) isn’ it!

  4. 5

    Vicky says

    Mom’s quilts are wonderful! Can’t wait to see your poinsettia, too! And thank you again for my socks! I love them!! (Hugs)

  5. 6

    julieQ says

    Judy!! wow, you get a lot done in a hurry!! I love the socks for your Dad, and how neat that he has already worn them. Youmom is lucky to get her tops quilted by her own daughter! I bet she really appreciates it so much.

    Hope you had a blessed Christmas day!!


  6. 7

    Ila says

    Tell Vince a single sock gift is a special promise of love… you’ll be around to give it a mate! ;o) So it’s not late, really…

    (Sounds better than “I ran out of time”)

    The quilts are sweet!

  7. 8

    Owens Family Adventures says

    I’m so glad you’re enjoing your time with your mom and dad!!!
    Merry Christmas,

  8. 9

    Kucki68 says

    I finished MIL’s sock on the morning of Christmas Eve when I wanted to gift it. Cutting it closer than I like.

  9. 10

    Shellie says

    I love the colors in your mom’s quilts. They’re very pretty.

    Love the socks too! Looks like you’re making it through that yarn stash, slowly but surely.