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Since EQ6 came out a bit over a year ago, discussions have arisen about the limited activations. EQ limits each program to four activations. Let me start my own rant by saying that I know almost nothing about computers. I can turn mine on and off. But I am so tired of hearing complaints about EQ’s policy!

With EQ5 and previous versions, EQ was apparently having quite a bit of experience with people buying the program, installing it and passing it around to their friends. That cost them money! EQ has the best customer support and technical support. The level of support they offer comes with a cost to them and the fantastic support I receive would eventually have to be cut back if programs are being given away freely and not purchased. Maybe the limitations on activations wasn’t the best way to go but I’d bet that the EQ people thought it out and came up with the best method possible. I don’t fault them one bit for placing limitations on the activations. Maybe there are a few people who are being hurt by the limitations (those who have had total computer failures, tried to fix it and eventually ended up with a new computer and no activations remaining) but I doubt there’s any one solution that will work for everyone in the world.

Now . . you know I’m not a computer guru but if I’m having a serious problem with my computer and I have to keep re-formatting my hard drive over and over again, maybe at some point I would think let me be sure this darned computer is working correctly before I use another of my activations!

Maybe other programs don’t limit the activations they offer. Maybe they don’t offer the same level of support as does EQ. The bottom line for me is that it is their program and if they choose to limit the program to ONE activation, I’d still buy it. If someone can’t live with their limitations, don’t buy it! And, don’t say you didn’t know about the limits. It’s on their FAQ page! I read it before ever ordering the upgrade and contacted them to be sure it was ok to install it on both my laptop and desk top or . . did I need to buy two programs . . which I would gladly have done!

Per the EQ web page, the new (not upgrade) version is $149.95. The cost for the upgrade from 5 to 6 is $74.95. I would give up satellite TV, XM Radio and all my magazine subscriptions before I’d give up EQ.

I ordered EQ6 when it first came out, and installed it on my laptop immediately. Because we were moving in just a few weeks, I waited to install it on my desk top after the move . . just in case Allied – the NOT careful movers ruined my computer. They didn’t ruin mine but they did ruin Chad’s. After we were all set up here, I installed it on my desk top, thus using two of my activations. I use my computers every single day and have still not had to use another activation.

For anyone who has made up their mind not to upgrade to EQ6 because of these limitations, in my opinion, if you have used EQ5 and love it, you’re only hurting yourself. EQ6 is a fantastic upgrade and I wouldn’t trade back to EQ5 for anything!

Thanks EQ for a fantastic program that I use almost every single day and LOVE!!

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    Leah S says

    I haven’t bought EQ6 because of the limited activation AND that I feel like I’m not using EQ5 enough to justify another quilt program.

    My computer is well over 4 years old – I love it just as it is, but the fact is my PC is “ancient” in technology age. It could die, and use up an activation. I could put it on my husband’s computer – but it has already died twice now (just 2 years old) and that’d be 2 more activations down the drain. I could put it on the laptop I rarely use, and then I’ve used all my activations. If I get a new computer for myself, I will also have to add in money for a new EQ6.

    My husband and I have been going through this headache with iTunes. We’ve lost at least 2, if not 3 of the activation codes already. I lost a few songs and have been slowly working to rebuild my playlist. Knowing my attitude towards the whole iTunes issue, I know I wouldn’t feel good about buying EQ6.

    Perhaps whenever I get a new computer, I can put it on my birthday list (like I did with EQ5) and live happily ever after in quiltland. 😉

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    deputyswife says

    I don’t think it is unreasonable that EQ limits the activations. Honestly, I think the people that would be upset are the ones who are sharing it or who doesn’t have a valid authority to use it.

    I wish that I could get it. The only thing, EQ is not compatible with Apple computers. I could buy an interface, but that would be several hundred more dollars. So, I guess I will go with out. For now.

  3. 3

    Leah S says

    I forgot to add that I would totally buy it if you could buy a new activation (if you use up yours), for like $10 each? That seems reasonable to me.

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    Janet says

    Interesting Judy: I agree with EQ6 – they can’t be giving their product away – BUT – we have been able to put people on the moon, so surely it’s not that great a leap to devise a means by which a genuine crash or disaster could receive a dispensation from EQ6 in order to reinstall?
    Are there any gurus out there who could advise?
    Hope you have a happy and successful New Year, full of friends and family and great quilting activities.
    Janet in blowy and snowy coastal Nova Scotia

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    Hanne says

    Well said Judy !

    I have had EQ since EQ4 and loved the program and it’s upgrades ever since.
    I can not see the problem with the activations either.
    Since 1999 I have only had to reformat my computer once…..If you don’t reformat the computer or get a whole new harddisk you will not need to re-activate, just re-install, which is 2 different things 🙂
    Now I have EQ6 on my desk computer and on my laptop.

    I am no mail on Info-EQ list at the moment.
    The main reason is the never ending discussion on the activations.
    If one has very good reasons for using all the activations EQ company will help with new activations codes for no charge or a small fee – that is good service indeed, and more than you get elsewhere.
    Not to mention the around the clock help and support EQ company provides.

    I have XP on both my computers and I had to pay for a full program on both.

    If more people spent more time using the program than to complain about the activations the Info-EQ list would be a more fun place to spend time.

  6. 6

    Ms. Jan says

    I couldn’t agree with you more Judy. I’m a die-hard EQer and ordered the upgrade as soon as it was available and will do so in the future. I’ve never been disappointed in any of their other products either.

    In the year I’ve had it, I’ve had to use 2 of my activations, but I feel pretty sure that if I ran out of activations that the company would help me out.

    Thanks for brining up a great point.

  7. 7

    Pam says

    I totally agree with EQ’s policy. The can’t allow people to steal their product even if it penalizes users who might have legitimate reasons for reactivating numerous times. I like what Microsoft does with their Office program. The student version, at least, allows you to install it on only three computers. You can re-install it on each of those computers as many times as you need to. Three seems to be a pretty reasonable number. I can’t imagine anyone would need it on more computers than that.

  8. 8

    Linda says

    Hi Judy,
    I knew about the EQ6 activation limitations when I upgraded from EQ5 and don’t have a real problem with it.

    I’ve seen the chatter about the limitations on several lists. It seems like one person has started this turmoil and keeps fanning the flames. I ran across a post of his (I think it’s a male) several days ago on a bulletin board and he’s since posted on the hgtv quilting board as well as the EQ boards.

    It appears he’s re-format happy and isn’t really using the software himself. My son is the computer -guy at our house and he has reformatted his hard drive several times over the years. I’ve never (knock on wood) needed to reformat except the one time I had a very nasty virus 2-3 years ago. I think people who are really into computers are more apt to reformat than the rest of us.

    I’ve also read that EQ will work with you if you need an additional activation. I hope I don’t need to find out about this. I’ve used 2 of mine, and will probably get a new computer sometime in the next year, so that will be the third one.

    I agree with you about the good customer service and think the software is worth the cost.

    Linda J in GA

  9. 9

    Mary says

    I don’t get it either. I upgraded as soon as it was available AND bought a second copy to install on Mom’s computer so I can use it when I’m visiting her. It’s the one quilting tool I use just about every day and I wouldn’t be without it.

    By the way, reinstalling it on the same computer shouldn’t use one of the activations per the EQ website:

    “Once you install EQ6 on a computer, reinstalling on that same computer is not considered an activation, unless you change the computer considerably, such as getting a new hard drive. This means under normal situations you can install and reinstall continuously on the same computer”

  10. 10

    floribunda says

    hear, hear! I agree with you totally — I’ve gotten so tired of listening to the whining on the EQ list! I bought the upgrade & use it all the time… no need for extra activations so far.

  11. 11

    Deb says

    I bought EQ6 some time ago, finally got it installed last week…lazy here EQ5 was already on the computer…no time, etc. Anyway it is a great program, and if by some chance I use up all my installations before the next version comes out, I will happily buy it again! It is a tool I use all the time and worth the price (and restrictions) to me. Though I really don’t consider a limit of 4 installs a restriction.

  12. 12

    Erin says

    I have not bought the upgrade, but four activations is decent as far as I am concerned. Leah had a great point though, charging a price per activation after the first four are used if we needed it for some valid reason we could prove.

  13. 13

    Pieceful Jane says

    I love my EQ6. I upgraded as soon as it became available. As for the limit on activations, I won’t worry about that until I have to. But my past experiences lead me to believe this will not be a problem.

  14. 14

    Cindy B says

    I have EQ6 and I have only used one activation. I use Carbonite and it backs up every program on my computer. My computer crashed and I had all my files/programs/pictures restored like new from Carbonite on my new computer. No reason to have more than one activation for any software when you have a back up service. All the professional software programs I have used have only one activation. I think EQ6 is generous having several.

  15. 15

    Patti says

    Hear hear!!!!!

    Learning to use this program to it’s fullest capacity is one of my goals for retirement!

  16. 16

    Wandering Quilter says

    I’m afraid I’m belong to the “fan the flame” camp. I think EQ is great, I’ve used it since V4.

    My copy of EQ6 got burned… literally. I guess I belong as well to the “format happy” camp because I regularly like to format my computers (every 4-6 months or so) as I enjoy experimentating with technology, software, etc.

    I’ve never shared my copy of EQ, am highly against software piracy, and I happen to own a number of very expensive software packages that require activation; AutoCad, Adobe Creative Suite, and of course Microsoft Office.

    Not one of these packages prohibit me from installing the software as many times as I need on the same computer, regardless of whether or not I format it. And if I replace the computer, I can deactivate the license on it and move it to the new computer. Pretty much elminates software piracy without punishing the consumer.

    If I wanted to be dishonest, I have the knowledge to use the software without paying for it. I do not, and will not pirate software. To infer that folks like myself are cheap, dishonest or misusing the software is insulting.

    It isn’t a matter of cost. EQ6 is cheap compared to many of the software packages I own, some of which run $2k each.

    It’s all about the principal. I don’t care how great the software is. EQ’s activation method is unethical, and if you had followed the initial responses from the company, they were all over the place with their responses. Very unprofessional.

    We that have chosen to shun the program due to the activation policy are not hurting ourselves. I personally feel, regardless of popular belief, that we’ve taken the moral high road and have chosen to go without to protect future customers. Doing what is right is rarely the easier path. Following along the path of least resistance will cost you in the end.

    Judy, I apologize for my rant on your blog, as I have the utmost respect for you. But obviously, I feel quite strongly about this issue.