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Edit: After being on hold for an additional 1 hour, 12 minutes, I hung up. I called back and explained to the operator that I wanted to talk to someone NOW who could resolve this. She offered me their “complaint department” where I talked to a man who issued a $25 credit and the iTunes headache card is no more!

I am about to add to my New Year’s resolutions that I will not spend another dime on anything but groceries. I hate bad customer service. I hate it!

In mid-November, I ordered Chad some noise canceling headphones from Best Buy. I decided to add a $25 iTunes gift card for his stocking.

Christmas Day Chad tried to use the iTunes card and got a message that it was “canceled”.

I wrote their Customer Service Dept. on Christmas Day and received a message that someone would respond within 72 hours. Didn’t happen! Sunday I called the toll free customer service number, was on hold for 40 minutes and spoke with someone who couldn’t understand me and I couldn’t understand him but I was calm and polite. There are three sets of numbers on the back of the card, all in strategically different places.

Customer Service Guy: Read me the numbers off the back of the card.
Me: There are three sets. Which one do you want?
Customer Service Guy: The top one.
Me: I read a series of about 20 numbers, trying to minimize my goofy southern accent.
Customer Service Guy: Oops . . not that one. Read the next set of numbers.
Me: Again, trying to read a series of more numbers, trying to minimize my southern accent.
Customer Service Guy: Hmm, that one isn’t it either. Did you say there’s a third set of number?
Me: Again, trying to read the last possible set of numbers, while minimizing the accent and not showing my frustration.
Customer Service Guy: That should work! We’ll have the card activated by Monday night.

Last night Chad tried again to use it. Canceled. He tried again this morning. Canceled.

A few minutes ago, I called Best Buy back and was on hold only 24 minutes. Talked to another lady who said . . oh, you have to go to Apple’s website, do this, this, that and this.

I said . . maybe I can just get a refund. I can get a card at Target that works! Clunk . . she hung up on me.

I called back, now not very happy and probably not very polite. I’ve been on hold 37 minutes and am wondering if getting my $25 refund is even worth it.

You can bet that unless they’re giving stuff away, you will never find me in another Best Buy store!

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    Vicky says

    I had a gift card last year that was a dud. It was a $100 gift card from our company at a grocery chain. When I used it for the first time, it said it only had a $46 balance. Huh? Two calls to customer service, and no resolution. So I purchased them at a different chain this year for our employees. I do give a few gift cards for Christmas, but I always worry about them.

    Good luck getting it resolved. I’ve always had good luck with Best Buy on returns and warranties. Keep us posted.

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    bmorerealtor says

    I refuse to shop at the local best buy. There was a huge article in the local paper after they had a man arrested for paying for something with $2 bills. They claimed that $2 bills are illegal tender, the man spent 24 hours in the police station being questioned by local police (who also didn’t know that $2 were legal) and the man never did get an apology. He was rudely treated by both Best Buy and the police.

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    Grammie says

    A few years ago our son received BP gift cards from his Godfparents. The first time he went to use them, he was told that one of them had no money on it. I called their customer service only to be told that nothing could be done. What a bummer! He was in college at the time and these were to help him get gas for his truck. My husband has in the past given me A.C. Moore gift cards and I always have a problem with them. They never scan properly and the cashiers always have to call the office to find out what to do. After entering the numbers manually, at least twice, they finally work. What a pain!

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    Sally says

    If you hate iTunes & Best Buy and you want to avoid the worst customer service in the universe, do NOT own any Epson product. My painful experience was written out in a review for Amazon. I’ve only done two. One for you and one for my 2 year saga with Epson:
    I try to find out how the customer service is before I buy anything major. Nothing’s more frustrating than wasting so much time trying to communicate, let alone get a company to make things right.
    I feel your pain!

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    CONNIE W says

    I tried to call Best Buy when I bought my router supplies and could NOT get a human to speak to. I always reached a computer voice and when then pressing the number for the dept I wanted the phones just rang & rang and never got answered. Once I was lucky enough to get a connection to a person who promised to have the correct person who could help me call me back, didn’t happen. I think I could call the White House easier than Best Buy. It’s terribly irritating!

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    Beth says

    I find that customer service at most places, in general, has gone down the toilet in recent years. You have either a bunch of young kids working at places that could give a rat’s patootie about customer service, or you call customer service and find that they are outsourced to another county. You just can’t win.

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    Jeanne says

    I hear you, Judy. I avoid Best Buy like the plague. The guys still shop there, but I’d rather visit my dentist than that store.