A Haircut, Without the Drama, Please!

I’m a pretty normal, everyday, run of the mill, quiet, shy, keep to myself kinda girl. Aside from my husband’s parents coming straight from Sicily, my life is about as calm and uneventful as it gets. When there is a little excitement, I get real nervous and feel like a fish out of water.

I have crappy hair but I don’t think that makes me terribly abnormal. It’s rare that I find a hair cutter that I’m thrilled with. I’ve always been pretty thrilled with Jennifer but she’s in SW Louisiana and it just isn’t feasible (or acceptable in my husband’s eyes) for me to drive 12 hours one way once a month for a haircut so I’ve been forced through the years to get haircuts from someone besides Jennifer.

Not long after moving to KY, a friend recommended a beautician I’ll call Kay (not her real name). She did a great job on my hair but her shop was in this horrible old mobile home. Mobile homes aren’t so bad but this one was bad — real bad. Not only that but people smoked in there and finally I just decided I’d settle for a not so good haircut and not have to smell like smoke all day so I got haircuts at various other places through the years but never did I find anyone that I’d say I truly liked.

Same thing here. We’ve been here a year. I went to Place #1 and she did fair with my hair but they smoke in there too. Not for me. Someone recommended Place #2. Haircut was average but the hair cutter was . . I’m not sure what the word is but let’s just say it took her about 45 minutes to get me in and out of the chair and I heard about her family’s mental illness, her bank account overdraft, her husband not allowing her to sign on their savings account and her cell phone having been disconnected and that’s all I remember but there was more.

Chad was getting desperate for a haircut about 6 months ago. It had been probably 6 months since he’d had a haircut so a friend of his recommended Place #3. Chad went and was pleased so I went. WOW! A great haircut and she only charged $10 but I gave her way more. I went back in a month or so. Double WOW! Another great haircut. Today I went back for a third haircut. Not so good! Let’s call her Linda (also not her real name). Linda talks a lot on a good day. Vince had mentioned that he wanted me to make an appointment for him to get his hair cut but I didn’t think that would be a good match. Her talking would have driven him nuts. Today Linda was downright over the edge with the incessant talking. She started messing with my hair, all the while chattering non-stop. I finally interrupted her and said let’s talk about my hair for a minute. Got the plan all nailed down for what she was going to do with my hair and the screeching talking began again. Every time she heard a sound, she would run to the window. Once she almost melted into a puddle and looked relieved and said whew, that was just the garbage man!

I had left my purse in the car and when she heard a noise, and ran to the window for about the fifth time in 15 minutes, I said my purse is in the car, do you think it’s ok? Apparently that was just the opening she needed to spill her guts!

Seems as though a family member is having a bit of a problem and seems as though Linda got into a ruckus with a drug dealer this weekend and seems as though she’s afraid he’s coming after her. But, Judy, don’t worry because I have my baseball bat riiiighhhhhhtttttt here!

I’m not very familiar with drug dealers but from what I’ve seen on TV, a baseball bat might not be what you need if they come after you. And me . . I didn’t even have my purse to swing at them nor did I have my cell phone with me to call for help.

She went right back to her non-stop screeching talking while cutting my hair, all the while keeping one eye on the door/window and one eye on my hair. When she talks, she stops cutting . . which would probably be a good thing on a normal day (if she ever has those!) but today I just wanted out of there! I’ll bet I said three times — just cut my hair and stop talking.

She finally had measured every hair on my head and decided the cut was good. I would have been happy with half of it cut and half of it not cut — I just wanted to get in my car and drive to the safety of home! She got the curling iron out and oh . . thanks but I think my hair is just fine without being curled today. She said you just want to get out of here, don’t you! Yes, ma’am! That’s per exactly what I want to do!

I think I’m back in the market for a new hair cutter!

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  1. 1

    Amanda says

    Oh My!!!! I have never had a hairdresser like that!

    I had a hairdresser here, that I loved. I loved her after she ruined my shirt with hair color. I loved her after she pulled her finger through my earring and split my ear lobe and I had to pay $350 to get it operated on and fixed. However, I had to draw the line when she was talking so much about her new baby and she gave me a mullet (really short in the front and long in the back). I still loved her, but I never went back.

    Good luck with finding a safe, responsible, less dramatic hairdresser!

    Happy New Year!

  2. 2

    Sewbaby says

    You have got to be kidding…right!!!

    The minute she mentioned “drug dealer” I would have been out of there.
    Hehe! Glad you made it home safe and sound.


  3. 3

    Beth says

    Oh dear! I love my guy, I have been going to him since before my daughter was born, but he’s sort of far so I tend to go instead to Supercuts. I have one length hair with bangs, so they can’t really mess it up, and I trim my bangs myself when I need them cut, I used to have a cosmetology license so I can do a fair haircut. I didn’t make it as a beautician because I couldn’t stand having to TALK to people. LOL

  4. 4

    tami says

    Oh my! I’ve never had anything like that happen to me, thank goodness. Good luck finding a good, safe, efficient hairdresser.

  5. 5

    Owens Family Adventures says

    That one made me laugh out loud!!! Don’t you find it just….odd when people tell you all their personal stuff??!! I am amazed at what people will tell stangers.
    Glad you weren’t involved in a driveby!!!

  6. 7

    Diana says

    Funny! But not so funny…what is it with hairdresser’s that want to talk your ears off? Or worse ask YOU all sorts of personal questions? Something weird in the water I tell ya!
    My favorite hairdresser was a guy named Rob…I almost followed him when he moved to Florida.
    Good luck finding another hairdresser.
    ps, I HATE when they can’t talk and cut hair at the same time! Or ring you up, or pack your bags, etc….


  7. 8

    Vicky says

    Yikes! You stuck around longer than I would have!

    I can highly recommend Kathy. And instead of driving to LA, you could just fly out here!! 🙂

  8. 9

    Nancy says

    OMG, I just spit on the computer.LOL The drug dealer would have been the final straw. I would have bolted from the chair….FAST!!!!
    I find my hairdresser gets in a rutt and sometimes I come home with someones else’s haircut….

  9. 11

    Anonymous says

    my sympathies Judy. I admire women who have great hair cuts, but not enough to put up with all that drama.

  10. 12

    Vickie says

    Judy-I feel your pain!! I finally found a lady a year ago that I like. First time I went I called her the hairstylist from HELL! She was brutally honest-didn’t like my cut or my shampoo. The second time I went she started flirting with a man called “Red”-she cut my bangs off before she realized what she had done. When I went back the 3rd time she said I thought I’d never see you again! She cuts hair good when she’s not distracted!!

  11. 13

    Tracey in CT says

    Oh My. I’m sorry Judy, but I’m sitting here laughing like a crazy woman…this story is just too funny. Of course I wouldn’t think it were funny if I were the one getting the haircut!!

    I hope that you are able to find someone decent to cut your hair without all the drama!

    I hate when I go to get my haircut or something and the gal talks so much…I feel like saying Shut up and cut my hair, I don’t want to hear about your life, I’m here to gte some peace and quiet. LOL.

    It took me years to find a good hairdresser…about 2 years ago I found out that the Mom of one of my kids friends was a hairdresser, and decided to take the risk of trying her out, and have gotten the BEST haircuts ever since.

  12. 14

    Mama Koch says

    How about letting your hair grow for a change?

    Honestly that is what I did. I got tired of spending an average of $30 each time I needed a trim.

    Supercuts here is pretty good.

  13. 15

    Susan says

    Judy, you lead one of the most interesting lives I know. Things happen to you that don’t happen to anyone else. Or maybe they just aren’t fessing up!

  14. 16

    Marilyn says

    I hate looking for a hair stylist. I have been using the same stylist now for ten years or probably more. I remember when she was pregnant with her daughter and when she cut my hair her pressing her tummy up against me to get close. Well, I babysat her little one on Fridays and traded haircuts. Wonderful baby and wonderful arrangement for me. Emma is now eight years old and in school and that arrangement ended several years ago. She moved her shop where I have to drive probably twelve miles one way. I comtemplated looking and still am but after reading your story I think I might just stay right where I’m at.

  15. 17

    Carol says

    OMG Judy what a story…if you’d like to come here, Wendy is wonderful. In and out and nobody gets hurt. LOL!

  16. 19

    Jeanne says

    Have you considered letting your hair grow? VBG I hope you are able to find a good hairdresser in a safe and smoke free location before your next cut is needed. I don’t want to read about in the headlines unless you are winning a quilt award or something like that!

  17. 20

    Julia says

    I know that I probably should not be laughing, but now that I know you are ok, I just can’t help it. It sounds like something that should be in a comedy movie or something. I thought that you lived in this nice peaceful town? Just kidding, LOL. Maybe long hair that doesn’t need cut so often should be in the future for you. LOL

  18. 21

    Annie says

    I got a kick out of that story. Could of come from a movie or tv show!

    Guess who has only been to a hair salon or had anyone touch my hair but twice, and hated both haircuts. Taught myself to do my own hair.

    Good luck on finding a new hair stylist.

    : )

  19. 22

    Kim says

    Can you say “tweeker?” ROFLOL! So where’s place #4? Yet another reason my hair is down to my rear end!