How to Drive a Husband Nuts!

Vince and I both have problems with clutter and neither of us know when to stop buying stuff. When we moved, we had more stuff than we could get on the huge moving van and some of it had to stay behind. Vince made the decision on what to leave and thankfully, we didn’t leave any of the worthless stuff but only left behind things like the generator that had never used and the garden tiller that we used every year to plow my garden .. that’s the kind of stuff we left.

Also, thankfully, the movers loaded the house in town first, which is where all my fabric, batting, sewing machines, etc. were located so it was snugly packed into the van way before we got to any of Vince’s stuff.

In an effort to reduce clutter or in the least, not make things worse, I came to the conclusion that I will make a list before I go shopping .. whether it’s the grocery store, the mall (Lord, I hope not!) or Target. If it isn’t on my list . . it isn’t come home with me. I encouraged Vince to do the same thing.

While shopping today in Joplin, every time Vince picked up something — a new hard drive, an MP3 player — I’d say is that on your list? Show me your list! He’d put back the stuff he didn’t need but it was only because I was there. If I hadn’t been there, he would have bought way more stuff.

Vince is a much different type shopper than I am though. He will buy something, keep it a while but never use it, take it back, buy another similar object, keep it a while, take it back . . so he’s not as bad as he could be about adding to the clutter. In his case, it’s more like rotating the clutter between home and Target, or home and Office Depot.

We’ve been working on this don’t bring it in the house unless it’s on your list for a few months now. I’d like to say we’re making positive progresss.

Remember when I was cooking earlier this week and using the 3M Post-it tape?

I asked Vince if he could get me another roll of the tape. It works really good for sticking on the containers. Here’s what he brought home!

That’s 11 more rolls, in addition to the one I already had . . for a total of 12 rolls. There are 700 inches on each roll, and each dish takes about 1″ of tape. Therefore, I can label 8,400 food containers for the freezer. Let’s just say I make 10 dishes for the freezer each week, this tape will last me 840 weeks, or 16.1538 years. Want to guess how many times this tape will get packed and moved to a new house, a new town, a new state?

Controlling clutter at my house may be way more difficult than I had anticipated.

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  1. 1

    Leah S says

    Christmas gifts?

    Have a giveaway on your blog?

    Use them more than for food? Like fabric bins with UFOs?

  2. 2

    tami says

    LOL. I think Vince subscribes to the “if one is good more must be better” school of thought.

  3. 3

    Elaine Adair says

    12 rolls — too good! LOL

    My DH overdoes with bringing in wood for the fireplace. Since the room is casual, I don’t mind a reasonable pile, but my rule is that the wood pile cannot be higher than the cabinet that’s holding it up. Rule won’t work with him — “gotta have more – it might get cold” .. like there’s another pile to the ceiling in the garage! Last night one of the logs fell off from the top of that pile, onto my FOOT!!!! Maybe he will see the sense in the rule “not higher than the cabinet” .. these men! LOL Aren’t they cute?

  4. 5

    Carol E. says

    What a stitch! Great story. Best part is that you actually figured out how many dishes you could label and how many years that tape will last! LOL!

  5. 6

    dot says

    Just think of alll the money you will save not having to purchase this tape for 16 years. I guess we love our spouses even with their quirks.

  6. 10

    Shelina says

    LOL – Finally he gets a chance to buy something – something that is actually on a list of things to buy, so how can you blame him for taking advantage of the opportunity! Maybe it’s a hint that you should cook more often!

  7. 11

    Judy says

    That’s hilarious! Just today I was wondering where to buy that tape…hope he left some for the rest of us!

  8. 12

    Lindah says

    So funny! And I can so relate! When DH was added onto the office CostCo membership, he dashed into that warehouse for *bargains*! ….like a lifetime supply of dinner napkins, toothpicks and other oddments. Aren’t we funny people! –But I’m not doing the math, Judy! 🙂

  9. 13

    doni says

    LOL! At least he got it right!! He COULD have brought you home 10 of the WRONG thing!

    It’s so much fun to hear other’s tales of de-cluttering! It’s an adventure, isn’t it!

  10. 14

    Alison says

    we’re attempting a somewhat similar ‘list’ lifestyle.

    we too had to leave a lot of stuff behind when we moved. but we actually made up a ‘wholesale’ list complete w/prices we were comfortable with and passed it around the neighborhood. Things were just flying out the door!

    Of course that was 3.5 years ago and we’ve made up for all that lost clutter w/ even more now!

  11. 15

    Anonymous says

    Judy, you are so funny. But seriously, maybe you could have him return some in exchange for some packs of 3M Command strips in the medium size for me. Those things are so expensive and so hard to find. He must really get a good employee discount because he brought you so many. Next time you know to specify how many you want. Sharon

  12. 17

    Linda (Petey) says

    Thanks for the laugh! We pretty much have the same habits and goals at our house. Problem is we can’t find it when we need it and then have to go buy even more!
    I’ve had time to sew this week-end, but it has been eaten up by my ‘problem’…find the right dohinky for the serger, remember how to use it, up-date my embroidery machine, up-date the software for emb machine, find the arm for the clothsetter by digging in bags, in drawers, and on shelves. I did find it and figured out how to use the thing; but will I have a newly enhanced jacket made from a clearance $8.40man’s sweater to wear to work tomorrow? Probably not!
    Guess it’s a new year, so keep trying…