Cheap Entertainment

Tonight when Vince took Speck out for his last walk of the evening, Vince came in and reported that there were a bunch of deer in the empty lot across the street and they were “snorting” at him.

Chad and I went out — both of us with our cameras but we didn’t see any deer. Of course, we didn’t turn on any lights and we were kinda far away from where Vince had seen them and we were both barefooted and it’s pretty dangerous to walk around in my yard barefooted . . with what Speck leaves behind in our yard. Chad was taking pictures and just playing around with his camera and I was taking pictures of Chad and we were both cracking up. Thank goodness we don’t have any neighbors on that side of the house!

On the sewing front, not much happened today. Chad and I went to Joplin. Yes, Vince and I went on Saturday and you know how I love shopping .. NOT! We did get to eat at the Del Rio Mexican restaurant and it was really good. We came home from shopping and I took a 2-1/2 hour nap!! Can you believe I slept for 2-1/2 hours in the middle of the afternoon? It was hot in the house last night and I kept waking up thinking I should turn the a/c on but then I’d remember it’s January and then I’d say so what? I’m hot! But then I’d think that if I turned the a/c on upstairs and didn’t go downstairs and turn off the heat, then all the warm air would just come upstairs and the heater would probably come on downstairs so most of the night, I kept battling with myself but was too lazy to get up, come downstairs and turn off the heat so I could turn on the a/c upstairs. Goofy, huh?

What little sewing I did was playing with the nine patches for Chad’s quilt. Some of the colors I had didn’t go with the color scheme I’m doing so I made a few more nine patches. Still don’t have enough. I need 120 of them so I should have them all done by this time tomorrow. I think it’s going to be so pretty!

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  1. 1

    perry says

    We had the a/c on last night too. It got up to 74 degrees here. Unreal..from ice to summer,all in 30 days. I like what you are doing for Chad’s quilt. A good pattern for a young man. Wish you had gotten a picture of the deer, but I guess they weren’t snorting at the two of you, huh? lol

  2. 2

    jillquilts says

    We were up to 70 degrees up here in Cincinnati yesterday. It was nice to go outside without a coat in January, but a little unreal! Love the blocks and the colors! I can’t wait to see how they all come together.

  3. 3

    Anonymous says

    We always have a “January Thaw” about this time in Virginia. Just a day or two when the weather gets warm enough that you don’t need heat, or at least not very much. Everyone who burns wood looks forward to the break in the weather so they can clean their chimneys out again. Then it’s right back to Winter.

  4. 5

    Cowguy says

    Hey! Photographing deer in the dark, standing in our yard is an old hobby of mine! We probably got the same results. 🙂


  5. 6

    Nana's Quilts says

    Love Chad’s quilt. That sashing makes the design look amazingly complex. Now I have a tech. question – I work really hard to get my corners to align properly – ie. not overlap. Do you have a special secret you use? I have the U shaped pins, and they help, but other thoughts? My friend’s are always perfect, but her secret is rip-out and do them over (and for me it would be: over and over and over) 🙂

    Thanks. FYI: we just sleep with the windows open and it’s a matter of whether you have the covers pulled up or pushed down or in-between.


  6. 7

    Deb says

    I have the A/C on most nights..year round. I do OK during the day this time of year, but at night I need cool.

    Chad’s quilt blocks are looking good!

  7. 8

    Red Geranium Cottage says

    What a cool quilt that is going to be. Wow!! Your having warm weather and we’r having the cold weather. What’s wrong with that???