A Great Stash Quilt!

I am loving this quilt! 25 blocks are done, 5 more to go and those 5 are almost finished but I just ran out of steam and can’t finish them tonight.

The quilt is going to be about 81″ x 96″ and without borders, according to my preliminary calculations, it’s taking about 7 yards of fabric. There are no points to match and because of the extra strips around the nine patches, the pattern is very forgiving! I like it a lot.

The plan is to finish the blocks tomorrow, and try to get the rows joined with the sashing. Friday I hope to put the rows together, add the borders, and quilt it this weekend. But, as we all know, things don’t always go according to my plans.

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  1. 1

    Vicky says

    Judy, we all know it’s going to be on Chad’s bed Sunday night, along with matching curtains and pillowcases! You are amazing! I don’t know how you do all you do!

  2. 3

    Tracey in CT says

    Wow, it is really coming along quickly, and looking lovely, I’m sure Chad will love it!
    What size are those little nine patches?
    I am looking forward to seeing what kind of sashing and borders you are going to add to this!

  3. 4

    Owens Family Adventures says

    I really like this one! The colors are just great! Chad is going to love it. 🙂 I too am looking forward to seeing what borders are going to go on. I love borders on a quilt.

  4. 6

    Jodie says

    This one is great Judy, and so simple, I love all your quilts but this one really appeals to me.


  5. 9

    Screen Door says

    It looks like a summer carnival. I really like the design. Great job with the colors too. It all just fits together.

  6. 12

    Gail says

    This one is extra nice, I hope you will post instructions on one of your sites- perhaps even as an HAD quilt.

  7. 14

    Cheryl says

    Judy I agree with everyone else that this is one great looking quilt. Cann’t wait to see it all finished. Like Marianne would like to have the details to make one. HAGD (have a good day)

  8. 15

    Loretta says

    Judy, I knew this was going to be an awesome quilt when you posted the first block–a purple and gold. Geaux Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 16

    Darcie says

    Amazing color! This will definitely be a classic for him!

    I received info from Mt. Mist…and am so excited! Thanks for the little nudge of information a few posts ago, Judy!

  10. 17

    Leslie says

    Is this the beginning of 9-patch Extravaganza volume 2 ??? Just kidding, I’m always amazed at how much you can get done.

  11. 19

    Anonymous says

    I’m drooling with all the rest of the posters. Would love to have a pattern, hint, hint!


  12. 20

    Bingo~Bonnie says

    WOW Judy! What progress you have made and so FAST! This is really gonna be a nice quilt for Chad’s room. I can’t wait to see what you select to use as the boarders.

  13. 21

    julieQ says

    I like this one so much, Judy. This is a great hour-a-day quilt, don’t you agree? I really like the vibrancy of your fabric choices. Chad will cherish it forever!


  14. 24

    jettstream says

    Darling quilt. But “no points to match”? What about all those little 9-patch corners? I guess you’re so expert with 9-patches, yours just turn out matched! Not me, I’m afraid. Chad should be thrilled.

  15. 25

    Anonymous says

    Judy, I love the quilt for Chad also. Hope you put it in a book or give us some directions. I really, really like it.