I Feel Like a Criminal

Vince and I are not on a diet . . not actually, but we are trying to eat healthy. We’ve joined the Y and we’ve been walking and working out on a couple of machines (more him than me) for three whole days now. My legs and arms and back and sides and ankles and every other moving part on this old body are sore but I’m sticking with it.

Tonight I fixed a big salad and for dressing I used a little raspberry balsamic vinegar and just a tad of olive oil. I pounded some boneless chicken breasts real thin and put onion powder, cumin, Lawry’s salt and black pepper on them, melted a bit of something healthy that’s supposed to taste like butter but doesn’t, in a pan and kinda browned them quickly just til they were done. That was dinner — chicken breasts and a big salad. Sounds pretty darned healthy, right?

But then . . I went downstairs to sew and I couldn’t stop thinking about a root beer float! Did anyone have an A&W Root beer in your town when you were growing up? We did and that root beer was so good. I just kept thinking about that! We have A&W root beer in cans and we have ice cream but . . Vince thinks I’m being real healthy and not eating that kind of stuff.

I couldn’t wait for him to go to bed so I could sneak myself a float. I explained to him that I had a few things to do and it was going to be later before I could go to bed. I waited til I heard him snoring and I knew it was safe to make myself a big root beer float. Oh, it was good but I sure hope I don’t make a habit of doing this.

Now . . I’m off to wash the glass, make sure the can is buried in the recycle bin and Vince will never know I cheated . . unless he reads my blog! 🙁

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  1. 2

    Red Geranium Cottage says

    ROFLOL!!!!! That is toooo funny. But I don’t blame you. We had A&W’s growing up too.

  2. 3

    Owens Family Adventures says

    BWAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!I love it!!!! hahahahahahahaha It’s not your fault anyway..root beer floats are just to good to pass up..now I wonder if I have any root beer hhhmmmm
    ps..giggle hahahaha I’m still laughing!!!

  3. 4

    Susan says

    Oh, you made me laugh. It sounds like something I would do. We had A & W stands, and I always loved the orange the best, though their Ginger Ale is the only one I’ll drink because the others are just nasty. There’s still an old one in Atascadero, CA, plus all the new ones out there that are combined with Taco Bell or something. Just isn’t the same as going to the drive-in, though. =)

  4. 5

    SusanB says

    When I was little, my Grandpa B. made me root beer floats with Dad’s root beer. Shortly before he died in 1984 I found a Father’s Day card with a Dad’s root beer cap in it and sent it to him. I worked in an A&W for 2 summers when I was in college.

    Ah, the memories. These days I eat no dairy and seldom drink soda.

  5. 6

    Mary says

    You’re so bad – now I want one! I haven’t had root beer in ages. Good thing we don’t keep ice cream in the house or I’d go have a (diet)coke float.

  6. 7

    Morah says

    Gosh and Golly you criminal you! LOL! Don’t worry about it. Now, if you have another this afternoon….and then one tonight………..

  7. 8

    Nancy says

    There is a A$W still at the Lake of the Ozarks. In Camdenton, make a right on Hwy 5 from Hwy 54…

    At least it was there a few years ago.

    We had one in my little town and I had my first car accident there. I backed into a phone pole. LOL

  8. 10

    mamaspark says

    Just use diet rootbeer and healthy choice ice cream and it would still be healthy. If not at least you got your dose of calcium for the day!!

  9. 12

    Sherry says

    LOL!! Judy, if you only do that once in a while it’s not a problem. But, I’m still “wagging my finger” at you!! LOL

    Have a wonderful day. . . .and use a couple more of those machines for a couple of days & you’ll be fine.


  10. 13

    country mouse says

    Oh too funny! But I have to say I’m with mamaspark, you can always use the need for your daily dose of calcium to justify your craving 😉

  11. 14

    Julia says

    I am laughing so hard that tears are coming to my eyes. That sounds like something that I would do. LOL

  12. 15

    kathysews says

    My favorite philosophy is: Just because you fell off the wagon doesn’t mean you shoul let the wheels roll over you! Walk for an extra 15 minutes today and move on. The quilt has been fun to watch in progress.

  13. 16

    Marianne says

    Oh girl, you sure brought back memories! We sure did have an A&W in our town. I haven’t had a root beer float in ages. Too, too funny!

  14. 17

    Terri says

    ROFL that sounds just like me!

    Only you want to know what’s worse???? We STILL HAVE an A&W Drive in!!!!!!!!!

    omgosh it’s soooooo good 🙂

    hehe I just read the other comments — calcium…. yeah that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  15. 18

    Randi says

    Oh Judy! You have me ROTFLOL! And craving a root beer float, darn it! Good thing I don’t have any root beer in the house.

  16. 19

    Perry says

    LOL!!! Ok,you have done it now. I am going to go have a [email protected] rootbeer float now too. You have really made me hungry for one. I really prefer IBC rootbeer but it is hard to find, so I will have to do the A&W thing.