Backing for Chad’s Quilt and Design Wall

Crime doesn’t pay! I have a splitting headache this morning and I know it’s punishment for my late night crime spree. I think if I were Catholic, there’s something I could say for 10 times in a row (or something like that) and I’d be forgiven, the calories from the root beer float would disappear and the headache would be gone but I’m not Catholic so I think an afternoon nap may be in order.

Most of the time, I don’t worry a whole lot about backings on my quilts. I have 5 or 6 bolts of extra wide backing fabric and I was sure one of those would work for Chad’s quilt but they either are too bright, too pink or have flowers. I have a bright blue fabric with muscle cars that I bought several years ago for a backing for a quilt for Chad but it’s way too bright for this quilt. I didn’t want to use muslin because it shows every spot. I was about to think I might need to go buy something (NO!!!!) or piece a backing when I remembered the bolts on top of my fabric shelves. Look what I found — a whole bolt that I bought in 2005 (I remember the year because that’s the year I was at the Nashville AQS show and had to have surgery for kidney stones while in Nashville!). Perfect!! It’s 45″ wide so I’ll have to piece it but this is the best backing fabric for this quilt and Chad loves to duck hunt.

Many of you asked about my design wall. Here it is:

I used some real fluffy and dense poly batting. It’s probably about a 6 oz. batting – not sure where I got it as it’s something that has moved around with me for a few years. I use the strong straight pins (like the ones that come in men’s shirts but we would never sew with!) and I pinned the batting to the wall. We have sheetrock/drywall type walls. Then I used punch pins and pinned two widths of flannel over the batting. It makes for a fluffy wall and I can kinda mash my blocks into it and they stay on there without too much trouble.

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  1. 1

    Vicky says

    Bust that stash, Judy!! You go, girlfriend!! I like that backing – perfect for Chad’s quilt!!

    Hope the nap takes care of your headache. What a bummer!


  2. 2

    Karen (Misiz C) says

    Great backing! It pays to dig around in the stash. :c)

    I had a nasty headache yesterday. I blamed it on the weather change but you might be onto something. I binged the night before on one of my favs, salty pretzels. 😛 I have to say after reading your post last night, I wanted a rootbeer float soooo bad. LOL The power of suggestion is a powerful thing!

  3. 4

    Perry says

    Hmm, forgotten BOLTS of fabric? LOL…I haven’t gotten to that stage yet, thank goodness. That is great backing for a young man however. I use batting for my design wall too. I just nailed mine to the top of the wall with little tiny nails and pinned it in the middle to make it the size of the whole wall. Batting is much better to me than flannel. I don’t have to use pins at all unless I put several long rows together.