Note to Self!

Saturday night I was determined to finish Chad’s quilt. I have a panto, Duck Hunt, that I probably bought way back when I bought the goofy duck fabric. I showed it to Chad and that’s what he wanted me to use. I was quilting along just fine, using King Tut thread on top — perfect color, and cotton covered poly for the bobbin. The panto was kinda small and was taking longer than I had hoped. About midnight, I was telling myself I should stop but I was determined to get the quilting done before I went to bed.

The top thread started flopping around. I checked to see if the needle was still threaded. Yep . . all appeared to be fine . . so I kept going. I did two rows and then when I went to roll the quilt, I saw those loose stitches on top. I should’ve known . . any time the top thread is flopping around, the tension has gotten screwed up.

You longarmers will know this but for those who don’t know it .. what takes about 15 minutes to put in, takes about 3 hours to take out.

This is a pile of King Tut thread — expensive thread wasted! The only good thing was that with the bobbin tension so off, the threads came out pretty easily but . . did I say I was tired and I was ready to be finished with the quilting?

Anyway, I picked out all the bad quilting, which was caused either because the bobbin thread had slipped out of the little notch on the bobbin case or, I had never slid it through there in the first place, which is what I guess happened.

I went to bed and finished the quilting on Sunday . . after Vince woke me up at 10:30. Can you believe I slept til 10:30 and would probably have slept til noon or later had he not come in to ask me if I was going to sleep all day!

And, here’s the finished quilt .. going to be on Chad’s bed tonight! I really, really, really like it and there may be another one of these in my future.

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  1. 1

    Vicky says

    Oh, no, that’s a sad tale!! But you perservered and got it done! The quilt is just gorgeous, and the panto looks great on it!

    So what have you got up your sleeve next?


  2. 2

    ldahospud says

    That quilt is beautiful! I’m making a similar one, and mine is pretty wavy in the middle–I hope I can quilt it flat. Yours is so smooth and flat as well as gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  3. 3

    Maria says

    Pattern please!!! That would make an awesome scrap quilt, or a bright quilt, or……

    I cleaned my sewing room yesterday and today so I’m ready to go! I have lots of UFO’s to finish!

  4. 4

    Loretta says

    Judy, the quilt is gorgeous. I can relate to “un-quilting” and it definitely is not a fun thing to do.
    Keep up the beautiful work, as you truly are an inspiration to so many of us.
    Thank you.

  5. 5

    Canquilt says

    As a fellow long armer, I feel for your. Another thing for quilting when you are tired, don’t do it. That is when fingers get sewn, scissors get rolled into the quilt, or more time is spent frogging (rip it – rip it). Trust me, I know. The good news is that your tension was loose so it wasn’t one stitch at a time.
    Great result, so it was worth it!!!!

  6. 6

    Lindah says

    What a great, handsome quilt for a young (or not) man! Lucky Chad!
    ewww, seeing that wad of thread gives me the same sensation as hearing a fingernail scraping down a blackboard! If you had to take it out, I’m glad it was loose tension so it would be easier.

  7. 12

    Nancy says

    I can’t tell you how much I like Chad’s quilt!

    I’m not a heavy commenter, but I read your blog daily.

    nancy, near philadelphia

  8. 14

    CONNIE W says

    The quilt is wonderful. Oh yes, I DO know about picking out bad stitches…ouch…what a miserable way to spend time at the longarm.

  9. 15

    Toni says


    Your quilt came out so bad for the tension problem…Did you sew the binding down by hand? That takes me so long to do…Toni

  10. 17

    Diane says

    That is a beautiful quilt! I have to make myself stop sewing at night too. I always say, “just one more seam”, then I do another and another until I am sorry I kept going. I’m glad for Chad that he has a wonderful quilt to sleep under tonight.

  11. 19

    Jen says

    BAAWAHAHAAHA!! I’m only laughing because I too have a giant ball of thread that I’m posting today on my blog. Only mine got pulled out of my dog.

    I know what you mean though, I would have stayed up and pulled it all out then too; if not I would have laid in bed awake thinking about it.

    The quilt looks fantastic!

  12. 20

    Alison says

    that turned out so gorgeous! i know what you mean about the tension–my sewing machine does that and last time it took a blood sacrifice–it bit my finger pretty good–to get it working again.

  13. 22

    Marianne says

    Got to add my two cents’ worth, too, looks beautiful! Waiting for the pattern and then I’m going to make a girly version.

  14. 23

    Shelina says

    It is definitely a beautiful quilt. Congratulations on a great finish. The unquilting is definitely not fun, but sometimes I think a quilt is more precious to me when I’ve had to spend some extra time with it.

  15. 27

    deputyswife says

    Oh, that is where I would get seriously discouraged! That quilt looks great though! I am curious to what the duck quilting looks like. Do you have pictures? Don’t go to any trouble if you don’t have any.

    Another winner you have there!

  16. 28

    Deb says

    The quilt looks great! We all hate to frog…but a necessary evil in our world. Hope you caught up on your sleep.

  17. 30

    kjquilts says

    You’re right, Chad’s quilt is a great quilt. I hope you do make another and tell us how you did it!

  18. 31

    Perry says

    The quilt turned out super! I bet Chad is very, very pleased with it. You and Vicky have a great time at Road. Will look forward to pictures and trip tales.