Here I am in California!

You just never know where you’ll end up! Started my morning at home, drove to Kansas City, got on a plane, landed in Las Vegas, ate some pizza, spent a few dollars on a slot machine, got on another plane and here I am getting off in California! I’m now at Vicky‘s house, where I’ll be for a few days while I attend the Road to California show!

I think I’m having too much fun! This is the first time I’ve ever been to CA and I plan to make the most of it. Vicky has already shown me her stash and I’m thinking I might need go to shopping! 🙂

I’ve met Daisy, Vicky’s dachshund, been to Ginger’s Quilt Shop and . . whew, that’s just since my plane landed at almost 7 p.m.

I’m hoping we don’t get in too much trouble but . . you’ll know where to find me for the next few days.

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  1. 2

    Karen (Misiz C) says

    Hey… very cool! Welcome to CA. Hope to meet you Friday or Saturday. :c)

    PS. Pace yourself..LOL

  2. 3

    Beth says

    Welcome to California! Hope our weather stays nice while you’re here. Maybe I’ll get a chance to meet you. Say hi to Vicky for me. Isn’t she fun? Maybe someday she’ll let me come over and see that infamous stash too.

  3. 7

    Anonymous says

    I hear that RTC is a wonderful quilt show. I’ll bet that Vicky would love some help in reducing (make that relocating)some of her stash. have a wonderful time in CA.


  4. 10

    Pam says


    So, you are here! Wish I could drive down and say hello. Tell Vicky hi for me, too. Have a great trip and enjoy the weather.