They’re All the Same

Poor, old Daisy! She’s getting so old and dachshunds (like quilters) tend to get overweight when they get older. She’s had back problems and allergy problems and things just seem to be working against her. She’s so slow! I took her for a walk this morning and thought I was going to have to carry her back. Can’t you see it .. old, fat woman carrying old, fat dog! We get to the little tiny step up at the front door and she thinks about it for few seconds, then she eases her front legs one at a time up the little step up and then she makes her way inside.

Then, the old, fat woman finds sugar coated pecans laying on the counter. Oh, Vicky . . never leave food around when Judy’s here and especially don’t leave anything sweet! I ate a few and then I walked in here to the computer still chomping on my pecan. I noticed Daisy was moving at warp speed. There’s food involved. Then she nudged me on the leg, which is exactly what Speck does just to be sure we see that they’re performing begging. When Mom and Dad were at my house, dad would feed Speck from the table and Speck would start out gently nudging Dad as he went into the begging position. If Dad didn’t act, or didn’t act fast enough, Speck’s nudges would get a little more severe.

Who’d thought Daisy could ever have gotten into this position.

No, I didn’t share a pecan with her. Vicky isn’t home and I’m not sure if that’s allowed or not and I’m surely not going to be responsible for making Daisy sick but I thought it was just so darned cute that she still had the energy to stand up and beg!

By the way, those pecans were so good, I’ve already called Point Coupee Pecans and ordered some to be sent to my house!

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    Vicky says

    Aren’t those pecans good? I think there are some chocolate covered ones on the breakfast table. My condo on the river in Pointe Coupee Parish was right by Bergeron’s Pecans. I’m not sure where this place is, but it has to be around there somewhere.

    Daisy will milk it for everything it’s worth! Trust me on that! LOL

  2. 2

    dee says

    what a sweet picture of Daisy. Looks like you’re going to have a great time. Sorry the gang back home is under the weather but they’ll survive and frankly when my guys are sick I’d rather be elsewhere…far, far, elsewhere*grin*

  3. 3

    Beth says

    It’s amazing how an old animal can move at warp speed whenever food is involved! She’s so cute. Those pecans sound tasty.

  4. 5

    Anonymous says

    I can’t believe you are writing about pecans because, and now I’m going to tell on myself here, I’ve had every intention of making Vicky some pecan pralines. As a matter of fact when I read that you were visiting her I was kicking myself for not getting them made and sent so you both could enjoy. SO, I guess I’ll just make two batches and send one to you when you get back home…..when are you heading home?


  5. 6

    JoAnna says

    I have a mini-daschound. She’s still young, but boy can she beg! She likes everything but dog food!

  6. 7

    jillquilts says

    My little dachshund, Max (just shy of 5 YO), has a habit of touching his ice cold nose to the back of my arm when there is food on the ground and my arm is in reach. Very irritating! He has bene having back problems and I am supposed to have him on restricted activity. All goes well, until I am in the kitchen and he hears something and then he is jumping off the couch and running into the kitchen!

  7. 9

    Ruthie says

    Have a great time with Vicky and Daisy. How did you get her to pose like that? I have awarded you the “You Make My Day Award! on my blog.