When the Wife Travels

I left home yesterday morning. Vince had already gone to work by the time I left. Nothing unusual about his day so far. I called yesterday afternoon and Vince wasn’t feeling so great. I called last night and Speck was sick. I called this morning and Vince was sick and stayed home from work.
Good grief . . can’t I leave home for a few days without my entire household falling apart?
About these cowboy boots . . I’ll admit that about the only thing I truly know about cowboys is that for some reason, most of them seem to have real nice back sides (did I say that?). But these boots just struck me as real funny . . kinda long and pointed. Maybe this kind of boot serves some special purpose and . . maybe I don’t want to know more!


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    Patricia says

    Hi Judy,

    I’m a lurker and have read you blog for quite a while now. Love your recipe website, too.

    I’ve got the beginnings of a webpage – I find I don’t have that much to say, plus don’t know really how to do html language.

    Being a native born Texas, I have to comment on the boots. From what I can tell, they appear to be ostrich – expensive. But they also appear to be to big for his foot. I have heard all the stories about pointed toe boots . . . not acceptable for a public website! LOL

    Keep up the good work,

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    debby says

    I was told by a customer from Nashville that the pointy boots allow you to kill cockroaches in the corners.

    Just passing along some information.

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    zizzybob says

    Living in the city, this type of boot is pointless to me (groan-sorry couldn’t help it)

  4. 5

    Beth says

    Dang, those are some long pointy boots! I always called those Roach Stompers, you can get them in the corners. Maybe that’s a myth that us city folk were taught. LOL

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    Susan says

    Interesting boots! I don’t think I’ve ever seen any *quite* that pointed before.

    If I had known you were going to be at Road, I would have gone to my best friend’s house this week instead of waiting until next week. =) I guess I missed it somehow, with the up and down of my ISP. Or my memory.

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    jhwolf says

    Being born and raised in Texas and having grown up in a pair of boots as well as having brothers and a dad that wore boots, I can tell you that these boots are too big for the person wearing them. If they curl, they are too big. Too bad this cowboy doesn’t know what size boots he wears.

    Judy in MO

  7. 9

    Marilyn says

    I’ve lived in Texas all my life and NEVER seen real cowboys wear boots like those. Here in Texas we call them drug-store cowboys. Cockroaches are about all they’re good for. A horse sure wouldn’t want one of those stuck in them when mounting in the saddle!!

  8. 10

    Judy says

    We used to call shoes like that roach stompers, cuz they can get all the way into the corners of the floor *s*

    Have a great time!

  9. 11

    Randi says

    Reporting from Texas, too, and we call them roach killers. The only cowboys I have seen them on in these parts are Hispanic. They seem to very popular in that community. (This is in no way intended as a racial comment, just a factual observation.)

  10. 12

    solje says

    This is funny… I get to use one of those tidbits of knowledge that don’t ever get used except on Jeopardy 🙂 I was watching something on the History Channel, and the show talked about why men wore those long and pointy shoes wayyyy back when: it was meant to mean that they were well endowed! LOL!

    But methinks that in today’s time, his boots are simply too big. Maybe he went for a larger size, instead of wider for a more comfortable fit. Either that or he does a lot of running in them! LOL!