I just walked in the door – exhausted! Woke up a bit after 4 a.m. and Vicky dropped me at the airport shortly after 5:00 a.m. for a 7:05 flight. The lines were so long .. I’m very glad I got there early.

The flight from Ontario, CA goes to Las Vegas, a brief layover and then to Kansas City where I had about 1 foot of snow on my car and it was 10 degrees . . just a tad different from the weather in southern CA.

On my post yesterday, the entry about the lady with the daughter Chad’s age . . I got it totally wrong. It was Karen and I don’t have a clue how I came up with Beth instead of Karen.

Anyway, I’m home . . tired and glad to be here. Speck missed me a lot and he smelled Daisy all over me. He hasn’t snopped sniffing my legs, my shoes, my bags . . he’ll get over it.

Off to finish unpacking . .

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    Vicky says

    Poor Speck! LOL. I’ll bet that puppy was some glad to see you!

    Happy you made it home safely! So let’s start planning the next trip!


  2. 4

    Anonymous says

    you’ll have to save one ‘Daisy-fragranced’ item for Speck to play with next week. I bet he’ll have hours of fun with it, wondering about the ‘other dog’ in your life.

    Welcome home, Judy!