Question #1

Keep the questions coming. This is fun! The first question was posed by Sarah, who asked:

If you had to have a job and it could have nothing to do with quilting what so ever – what would it be? Let’s assume you have all the skills necessary for any job.

I would go back to being a paralegal. I’ve had three real jobs, for three different attorneys and all three were dream jobs.

I worked at one firm 5 years, one firm 9 years and for the last firm for 9 years. I loved that kind of work and found it very interesting – something always exciting going on and never a boring moment.

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    QuiltingFitzy says

    I was an Admin for a Community Television Station in CA. I job I absolutely loved. It gave me a very small look into television from the public’s perspective, and both dh & I learned a totally new skill-set. Dh now works for our local network affiliate on the news crew and I work for the county! What a 360.