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I think I want a new camera. I have this urge to get something more than a point and click type camera, although I can’t say for sure that’s what I’ll do. I don’t want something that is terribly hard to figure out and I haven’t done any research as to what camera to get. We may go to Joplin tomorrow so . . my dear blogreaders . . any recommendations for a camera?

My current camera is a Sony Cybershot (my 3rd Cybershot) 8.1 megapixels which also does little video clips.

I don’t have a clue what megapixels really means, nor do I know much else. Hmmm . . maybe I should stick with the point and click since I know so little.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Richelle says

    I love the Canon PowerShot S3IS.
    It is more than a point and click, but not a huge SLR. Although there are lenses you can get for it – I have never had a need to do so. I also love (love, love, love) the 12x optical zoom!

    and yes, I am a big time lurker:)

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    Evelyn aka Starfishy says

    My “big” camera is a Canon – got that because I could use ALL my lenses from my film Canon. With quilting you might consider a macro lens to get really close up detailed shots of your stitching. Bring some fabric/quilting samples to the camera store and explain what you want to take photos of. I have several lenses… but I almost always prefer my little point and shoot Sony – stick it right in my coat pocket for all our adventures… BUT – if DH is along – he doesn’t mind toting the Canon. Always good to have choices!



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    Amanda says

    I was going suggest the Canon PowerShot IS as well. The current version is the S5 though there are still S3’s available on the market. The IS stands for Image Stabalisation and with the 12x zoom, it’s a really good feature to have.

    I always recommend it to people who want to do a little more with photography but aren’t ready for a DSLR. Its the perfect camera to get your feet wet as you can do a lot of the same things you can do with an SLR(focal points, f stops, light exposure, ISO speed) but it also has great automatic settings (faces, night, landscape, sports, etc).

    Its also small enough that it will fit in a medium sized purse.

    If you are looking for a digital SLR the Canon Rebel XTI is a great camera.

    My main camera is a Canon 30D (the next step past the Rebel) and I started out on the Powershot S1 IS and still use it when I don’t want to haul around a big camera (i.e quilt shows).

    My only complaint with it is that because of the lens it has (so it can zoom) at quilt shows I sometimes find it hard to get the whole quilt the frame without cutting off some of the borders, especially if a quilt is very large and the aisles are close together.

    My Powershot is also 5 years old, several generations in digital camera years and it might not be a problem anymore. As well, there is a fix for this by just getting the wide angle lens.

    Sorry for the book, my second favourite hobby is photography and love to talk about it.

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    DearGina says

    I have 2 now that I swear by Judy… Both Olympus.

    Studio cam is bulky, but 12 zoom, 6 pixal. Very good for quilt shots.Not good to haul around your neck. Beautiful pics, user friendly.

    My favorite little pocket pal is 5 zoom, 8 pixal, and fits anywhere I tell it to! I just love it! Easy to understand, and switch back n forth from video, to portrait, to landscape to nightime:)

    * by the most pixals out because its sure to change soon with technology speed. More pixals= better resolution.

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    Cheryl says

    Canon is a good camera. I was going to suggest a SLR camera. If you have a sony that uses the flash memory on the memory stick you may want to stay with sony so you can use the memory that you already have. I believe canon use the sd type of memory.

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    DearGina says

    Ok, the pocket pal is the Olympus FE 240… and I have 2MB memory, slides right into front USB port. A self battery pack.
    Check it out, about 299 I think?

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    Linda says

    Hey Judy,
    I have a Canon too. I did a good bit of research early last summer when I was shopping for a camera and decided on the Canon with IS. I can’t remember the number but I’ve been very happy with it. I also wanted a camera with a view finder, and the Canons have that. And I wanted a camera that took AA batteries, not one that had to go in a charging unit. Canon fit the bill for me.

    Good luck, Linda J in cold cold GA

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    Vicki W says

    I have a Powershot A710 as my “every day” camera but have been researching more advanced cameras. I’ve decided on the Canon Rebel XTI. I have lenses from a film Rebel and they will work on the XTI. The A710 is a fantastic camera and I expect the same from the Rebel.

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    Teri says

    I have the Canon PowerShot A650IS. Great Camera, easy to use, loads of megapixels so that you can get really clear shots, it’s basically a higher end point & shoot with a neat little feature with the view screen where it will spin around in all kinds of ways so that you can get the right shot. This will also take digital video and depending on how much memory your stick has it will take up to 6 hours.

    I can send you a few pictures or go take a look at my blog…


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    peggy says

    Go here to find more than you’ll ever need to know about cameras. I did a lot of research and bought the Canon rebel xti. Too complicated! I tell my DH you use my Panasonic point and shoot to take pictures, and the Canon to take photographs.

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    Maria says

    According to Consumer Reports, the D40 from Nikon is the top pick. I have the semi professional version of it (the D200). Any time I read up on cameras they say Canon and Nikon are about even. It’s a matter of who could help you out locally.

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    Anonymous says

    Another vote here for the Canon Power Shot. We have a Power Shot S3 and has tons of functions if you want, or automatic. The grip is great- yet it’s not an overpowering large camera. I wasn’t going to lug around another large camera and large bag with all the stuff like we did before. The Power Shot S3 has been put thru a workout from the heat of Florida to the cold of Alaska. Great pics all the time!

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    Suze says

    And what is the learning curve on this new camera?

    Do you use all the bells and whistles on the camera you have?

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    Anna Banana says

    I don’t know what stores are available in your area, but I found Ritz Camera had prices the same as the big box stores, AND they included some classes with the purchase of my Nikon last year. The classes were excellent, covering all the features I didn’t have on my point and shoot.

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    Anonymous says

    Suze, If you were addressing me about the functions I can tell you that some of them are ultra-simple such as the selections on the one dial. Head=closeup, Mountains=scenic shot, negative=nightime, action figure= sports (takes pictures in fast sequence-I actually used that one!) There are buttons everywhere, but for the most part I use the auto function or yell for hubby to help me. (He reads manuals and understands it!). The viewing screen is able to turn even on angles which makes taking pictures easier if camera is elevated. All this may be wrong if one is learned about cameras, it’s just how I understand it.
    I just think it is a good camera. It is the Power Shot S3 which was the latest model when we bought it 18 months ago. There may be a newer model now.

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    SandyQuilts says

    I have a Casio 10.1 mega pixels Exilim. It takes great photos and videos. Also easy to d/l, small, slim and just plain old perfect. I’m very happy.