One Way to Use the Stash

This quilt kicked my butt! It isn’t hard (nor is it finished!) but I just couldn’t get it right. Ever do that? I started working on this quilt back in August, 07. I posted about it here. Then I stuck it in a drawer and went on to another project. Now it needs to be finished. I have a deadline — Wednesday! Yesterday I pulled it out of the drawer very thankful to have so much done because now it’s going to be a wall hanging and not a full size quilt.

Here’s what I did with what I already had. There are borders still to add.

Not sure what you can tell in the picture but I didn’t like the way the seams showed. The light background fabric was almost a solid and I wanted the seams to not show once it was quilted and I think they will show. And, I have it pieced with five individual blocks with sashing so there are lots of pieces and seams.

I began pulling more fabric to start over. Here’s what I came up with.

Ughh! The yellow just didn’t do anything for it. I guess after having seen it with the lime, the yellow didn’t stand a chance. Now what? Wednesday is getting closer. My quilt isn’t finshed!

Pull more fabric. This is the same tan and lime fabrics as in the first version but the light background and red are a bit different. I also totally re-designed the way the quilt is pieced so there aren’t so many chopped up pieces. I think the new light background will not show the seams much once it’s quilted but first . . there are borders to be made but not tonight.

A wall hanging that should have taken about 3 yards with just this one border has taken me about 10 yards. Thank goodness for the stash!

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  1. 1

    Penny says

    I like it. I can’t see the seams on the first photo but really liked the way it came together. It is a swell wallhanging – where are you going to hang it? I hope you post a picture when it is done.

  2. 2

    Vicky says

    Well, you’ve been busy! I didn’t notice the seams in the first version, but then again you’re closer to it. The second version is great, but I love yellow. But the final version is it!! Fabulous job!! (Hugs)