Question #3

Another question posed by a blog reader:

Do you have siblings?

I do have one sister. She is 18 months younger and we are not close. She had three children – Kristy is married and has four children. I love Kristy to pieces! Her first daughter was born just two weeks before I moved to KY in 1997. She has two more girls and had a little boy a few days after I left to come home in November so I haven’t even seen him yet. Kristy lives just a few miles from Mom and Dad and they see each other a lot. The highlight of my trips home is getting to spend time with Kristy’s kids.

Daniel was my sister’s second child. He had lived with Mom and Dad for many years and was killed in a car accident in July, 06, when he was almost 27.

Craig is my sister’s youngest child. He lives near her and I rarely see him. Mom and Dad talk to him fairly often but I don’t think they see him nearly as much as they would like.

While talking about family, I have to tell a funny story. Kristy’s youngest daughter was just about to turn four when I was there last and I had been sewing. Kristy doesn’t sew but Mom does so the kids have been around sewing “stuff” since they were born. Payton was wanting to help me and I finally gave up sewing. She picked up a straight pin and looked at it kinda funny and said “what are you going to do with this poke stick?” Isn’t that funny . . she had no idea what to call it but she knew it was a stick and it would poke you!


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    Erin says

    POKE STICK! How funny! that poke stick poked me for the first time ever in my life Friday! I was talking to my hubby and put my finger in the path! yup! I have a good hole to remind me of it!