My Cute Son

Isn’t he just so cute? Well . . OK . . maybe if he’d get a haircut and have on decent pants instead of faded jeans with spots on them . . then he’d be so cute!

One of Chad’s friends from Owensboro now plays in a group and they were going to be playing in Jefferson City this weekend so Chad went to hear them. He was thrilled to be part of the “group” and he ended up spending the night with them in a hotel. I was pretty much against that happening but it was so foggy, that I was glad he didn’t try to drive home that night. I think they stayed up and talked all night anyway so he slept most of the day yesterday after he got home.

Here’s some exciting news! A blog reader wrote me last week and told me that her husband was a retired mental health type counselor and he would give me some “bridge crossing tips” if I was interested. Of course! He wrote me a long e-mail and gave me some good info on a technique called EMDR. On their website, they have a list of the counselors trained in this technique and I have an appointment next month. My bridge fears may be a thing of the past . . very soon!

Today is a typical Monday. Vince had to have the oil changed in his truck, and it needs to be inspected, so this morning I followed him to the shop, dropped off his truck, then I took him to work. This all happened about 6:15 this morning which meant I had to be up and dressed and out of the house before daylight. Ughh! It should be against the law to leave the house before or after dark! šŸ™‚

I have to run down to the police station and get Speck’s dog license for 2008. I’ll pick Vince up for lunch and I talked him into getting burgers at the White Grill. This place doesn’t look so great but they surely do have good burgers. The bad part is that smoking is still allowed in our restaurants and there’s always someone smoking in there! Since there are only about 5 tables and maybe 10 bar stools, no matter where they are, we leave smelling like cigarette smoke but . . for a White Grill burger and a basket of Suzies, I’ll come home and shower if I have to!

Maybe today I’ll find a bit of time to quilt!


  1. 1

    Lynn Douglass says

    I have a son that is against hair cuts too, so I feel ya! However, he’s a very nice looking young man! As for going out in the public in any way, shape, or form, that early, definitely not allowed! šŸ˜‰

  2. 2

    Carolyn says

    I think he looks great…with the long hair! I’ve always liked long hair on guys and when my son was little I tried to get him to let it grow. He finally did in high school, but by then his hair had gotten so fuzzy and curly it didn’t look very good. Oh well…now my girls have short hair too, I just can’t win…

    Glad your bridge fears may soon be over!

  3. 3

    Owens Family Adventures says

    My 10 year old came in here so I could do her hair just now and looked at the picture of your son as I was reading your post. She says to me “Mom, who is that movie star??” hahahaha Yep, he’s a cutie!!

  4. 4

    Pam says

    Yes, Judy, he is cute, long hair and all. At lease he has hair. My oldest son has been shaving his hair so close for the last few years that it looks like he doesn’t have any hair at all!

  5. 5

    Kim says

    Vicky, keep me posted on the bridge thing–remember I have it bad too? I’ll be interested in finding out if something works!

    So you think Jace looks a lot like a cow? I just hope you don’t give Sally any butchering ideas. Of course, I don’t know Sally and you do, so maybe it’s not a problem. Let’s hope, anyway–I’d miss his stories!