Pets & Human Resemblance

Have you ever heard that some people resemble their pets? We have a mini dachshund — short legs, a little overweight and that’s exactly how Vince and I are — short legs and a little overweight. Ah heck .. Vince and I are both more overweight than is Speck.

Jace and Sally raise cows. Several years ago Sally and I were talking about their cows and I just really felt bad about those cows because . . well, they aren’t milk cows! They’re steak cows and hamburger cows and brisket cows! Sally kept laughing at me! It wasn’t that I couldn’t eat beef but I really didn’t like to think about where it came from. Sally and Jace sent me this T-shirt.

Then tonight I was over on Jace’s blog and all of a sudden, I noticed the resemblance in those eyes! Does anyone else see the resemblance to the eyes in the T-shirt and the eyes in his picture?

And about my apprehension of eating beef — in October we bought a fresh cow from the local meat market, they did all the dirty work and it ended up in my freezer. The first bite and I remembered what beef tasted like when I was a kid and my grandparents butchered their own beef. The gravy this meat makes is better than Dr. Pepper! I swear I could drink the gravy with a straw! I hope I never go back to buying beef in the grocery store.

So, thanks Jace and Sally and all you cattle farmers out there for raising that melt in my mouth kinda beef that I hadn’t tasted in years!


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    Sally says

    Oh I needed a good LOL and you definitely provided it today! I thot you threw that shirt away. LOL
    Yep, fresh cow right offa the pasture, nothin’ like it! And I like mine all wrapped and marked and ready for the freezer too. I don’t need to know the details. (Or look into their eyes lol)

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    Amanda @ Morning Glory Cottage says

    How hysterical. I love fresh beef. When we lived on the ranch fresh lamb was so good. Store bought can’t even compare. I love fresh eggs and chicken too. We’ve given up a lot taste good products to move away from living off the land.
    I’m thinking I’d like to join your stash busting list. I was wondering if scrapbooking would count also. 🙂 I’ve been as bad with paper and stickers as I’ve been with fabric. Though last year I did go through my stash and decided that the really kiddie stuff wouldn’t go over well with my teenagers so I donated it to the local guild. I’m down to 5 bins of fabric from 15.
    Have a great week. Amanda

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    Vicky says

    ROFLOL! I love that picture of what’s-his-name!!

    The beef out here is so tasteless compared to what we could get back home. Heck, I’d consider moving to MO just to get a freezer full of that stuff!

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    Anonymous says

    Judy that shirt is priceless…and the look-a-like is great!

    Haven’t had any really good beef or chicken for that matter since my Grandpa quit getting it from a local farmer when I was young. I remember the “sweet paper” that the butcher used. Don’t see that anymore… Of course I think part of the problem with today’s meat beside being so far from the farm is that many of today’s young folks have no idea how to cook it…

    Shari in AZ

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    Marilyn says

    We’ve got a couple of acres and have been buying young calves and feeding them up and raise our own pork. If you think your beef is good–locate a good pig farmer. Our pork is very lean. You can cook patties of sausage in a pan and there isn’t enough fat to fry an egg. That t-shirt is priceless. I would to find one.