Choosing Colors

If you’ve followed my blog very much, you know I have a non-traditional (pretty bad!) sense of color. I have a color wheel and I have books on color and I’ve studied and I sometimes remember the concepts but I just use what I like. End of story! Oh wait . . it isn’t quite the end of the story. I sometimes make quilts that will be in magazines and . . there was the book! I sometimes have to use colors that others will like.

I had a magazine editor once tell me NO MORE PURPLE AND GREEN! She must have thought there was someone out there who doesn’t like purple and green together! You may have also noticed that almost all of my stash is tone on tone type fabric. I never buy “collections”. I always buy almost solids.

Yesterday I needed to start working on a red/white or ecru/black quilt. The same red and black fabrics are used in all the pictures. It’s the middle one – the white or ecru – that I struggled with.

This is a white with mini black dots. I figured it would photograph as gray. This combination didn’t excite me.

Then I came up with this ecru for the middle fabric. Again, not very exciting. I was getting desperate. I needed 4-1/2 yards and I don’t have that much of most of my pieces.

Then, again, I noticed the bolts on top of my stash shelves. This Michael Miller fabric was sitting there. Almost white, a very light cream. A good, heavy fabric that seam allowances will not show through.

I’m so thankful for my stash! I love my stash!


  1. 1

    Erin says

    I love the black white and red! good choice..and the first one, just not the ecru! You are doing so great with stashbusting!

  2. 2

    Robin C says

    I just love Chad’s quilt. Do you have the pattern or did you just make it up? Where can I find the pattern for it or similar?


  3. 3

    kathysews says

    I got the most help with color from the first Little Quilts book. They list “magic fabrics” that help make qults look “aged” I love vintage-y and scrappy but not TOO scrappy. They include black, plaids and stripes, bubble gum pink, purples, browns, mustard gold, and tan. My high school colors were red, white and black, and I had a whole wardrobe in those colors!

  4. 4

    BitnByAQuiltingBug says

    I would never have dreamed that you read my blog! I just feel .. so honored. I have read yours for quite some time now. Funny about the beef and it really does make a difference if it’s fresh. I can’t say enough nice things about that new mat I got yesterday. I’m just thrilled with it.
    Regina in MI

  5. 5

    Pam says

    Who doesn’t like PURPLE and green? I think your color sense works pretty good. From all the quilts I have seen that you have done, there isn’t one that I didn’t like. I especially like the PURPLE and green ones.

  6. 6

    Vicky says

    What’s wrong with purple and green? Heck, throw in some yellow and you’d have a Mardi Gras quilt!