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The 5th question is:

You’ve mentioned “flash freezing” on your cooking blog. Can you explain that?

Flash freezing is simply putting individual items into the freezer and letting them freeze fairly solid, then putting them into a larger container for storage.

I freeze stuffed peppers by placing them individually, not touching each other, unwrapped, onto a cookie sheet. Then I stick the cookie sheet into the freezer for a couple of hours. Then I wrap each one individually in heavy duty aluminum foil and then place those into ziploc freezer bags.

Chad isn’t always home when we have dinner so I season up 3 or 4 pounds of ground beef, make it into hamburger patties, freeze those individually on a cookie sheet, then put them into a ziploc freezer bag. He can come in, grab just one (or two!) and throw it onto a hot grill and have a hamburger in a matter of minutes.

When sausage (like Jimmy Dean or other sausage in the roll) is on sale, I’ll buy about 10 rolls of it, slice it into serving size portions, freeze those on the cookie sheet, then dump them all into a ziploc freezer bag. When we need sausage, we can just take out the slices that we need and fry them up.

There’s a lot you can do with flash freezing . . these are just a few examples that I use often.

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    Marilyn says

    Thank you for the suggestion about the sausage patties. The last hog we had butchered they put our breakfast into two pound packages. It’s just the two of us! What a neat idea! I only have twenty-six two pound packages!