January Figures

Everyone laughs at me and my spreadsheets but I keep them for everything! I’m not sure I cold function without my spreadsheets.

Here are my Fabric Used and Fabric Added sheets for January. Sad to say but UPS is bringing me a box tomorrow so February won’t look nearly so good but all that really means is I have to bust a lot of fabric next month in order to have a good month.

And, here’s what we spent on groceries. I had planned to see if I could keep the grocery budget at $400 or less per month . . just to see if I could do it. For those who have told me that you spend $400 or less, how on earth do you do it? I bought zero beef because we have that in the freezer. This includes zero for cleaning/household supplies. We do eat most every meal at home. Except for one trip to Outback, we spent less than $50 eating out this month. While I was in California, I had left food or Vince and Chad cooked.

We don’t really try to save – we eat what we want to eat and buy what we want to buy, within reason, but it was just kinda my personal goal to see if I could keep the expenditures at $400 or less. I’ll try again in February.


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    DearGina says

    Walt would melt at your feet! LOL I cant do this continually, its scares me too much…rofl! I think mine is bewteen 4-500 per month, but I do buy wine? I think if i didnt, I could drastically reduce that bill… but then again…. it isnt as bad a booze? or gambling? Oh wait…. fabric…shoot… fabric….. we wont discuss this.

  2. 2

    kate says

    I find your numbers encouraging. I too watch the $$ on food and I just shake my head some months. That’s for the post! Does that include the Dr.Pepper? I think I need a separate budget for Diet.Coke!

  3. 3

    Vicky says

    Your busted spreadsheet is amazing. You had something to post every couple of days, except for that gap while you were out here! Truly amazing!

    Groceries …. ugh. I don’t even keep up with the amounts any more since it’s just me. But I’m surprised your amount isn’t more considering all the meals you prepare.

    No matter what you say, you’re SO organized!! (Hugs)

  4. 4

    Teresa says

    Hi Judy,
    This is my first visit to your blog and I have enjoyed reading your posts. I laughed at the one about your spreadsheets as I like to chart everything out too.

    I sure wish I could join up with a blog ring – I have tried all the ones that I see posted on people’s pages, but they are all closed.

  5. 5

    Norma says

    Now math is not my strong point but if you divide your total spent by three people and by thirty one days……….I think you are doing pretty good per day. Groceries have really gotten high these days and you cook from scratch a lot. I would say good job!