January Stash Busting Totals

I went through the posts that are added to Mr. Linky from last week and roughly added the totals that had been posted. Some didn’t post totals and that’s fine — everyone should do what works for them and not worry about what or how the rest of us are doing. This is not a contest so don’t anyone feel bad.

Also, some of you posted a net total for the month, after having added a few yards. For those, I added the net and not the total amount used so this really isn’t 100% accurate but it is interesting.

The totals I added up show that as a group, we used a total of 236.50 yards. If you figure yardage is about $9/yard, we’ve all used up about $2,128.50.

Great job everyone!

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    mreteveian says

    I’m for sure one who didn’t post my total so far (or for January), – didn’t read the “small print” well enough 🙂

    But putting it like this, I can see where I didn’t spend money this month, and that feels good!