A Few Things

Just a few things that might help my lovely readers:

  • If you look in the left sidebar and go all the way down, you’ll see a heading that says “Meta”. There’s a place there to subscribe to the blog and a place to subscribe to the comments. Make sure you’re subscribing to whichever one you want or you may subscribe to all of them.
  • Home – The template I used had the Home buttons and some other buttons at the top and they didn’t look good with my little header picture so I deleted them but then it was hard to get back to the main page. I’ve added a “Home” button over at the top of the right side which should get you back here from wherever you end up.
  • For those who wanted to look into my eyes while reading my words, I’ve added a picture on the right side.
  • For each of my UFO’s listed on the UFO page, you may click on that particular listing and get to a picture of that UFO.
  • For those who wanted to be able to e-mail me from my signature, I’ve added that back too.  I’ve had a devil of a time getting that to appear automatically at the bottom of my posts but I finally figured it out.  The posts that have been imported from blogger may have two but .. pretend you only see one, ok?

I can’t remember other issues that have come up but if you’ll remind me, I’ll try to solve them.


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    I tried to subscribe to your blog, but it said I had an invalid user name. Do I need to subscribe to be able to read your blog? I’m confused! (Don’t said it — what else is new? LOL)